Stop it; stop competing with your competition, stop looking over your shoulder, stop playing second fiddle to someone else’s dreamTweet this That’s what you are doing when you constantly compare your business to your competitor’s; you are devaluing your business.

I admit I used to do it. I used to watch, stalk, track, and follow. I used to compare, observe, and compete. I used to worry! I used to worry that they were earning more, that they had more customers, that they were selling more, and that they were taking what could have been mine. Yes, there were times where customers and ideas were taken from my business and used by others, and boy did that drive me crazy!

The thing is that the obsession was driving me crazy. It was taking a lot of my time and energy away from my business and family and handing it to them. I was empowering them. While I made certain that I didn’t like anything on their Facebook page, just me giving them the ‘time of day’ was enough. That time I could have spent improving, developing, or just enjoying life in general.

And if wasting your time on something that isn’t getting you closer to your goals isn’t motivation enough, here is my clincher. They aren’t my business. Huh? Read it again. They aren’t my business. Let me explain.

If you are watching your competition and worrying about their moves, do you know what goes on behind the scenes? You might think you do, but do you really know? I quickly found out that my competition was operating without business insurance, without declaring their earnings, and were working day and night to keep up with demand for their under-priced goods. I was trying to compete with a business who didn’t have the same business expenses, was taking risks I wasn’t prepared to take, dodging tax, and working twice as much as I was. Why would I want to compete with someone who wasn’t even playing in the same ballpark?

Here’s the other thing I realised, they were aiming at a totally different customer. While they were happy selling unlicensed merchandise and cheap, imported items, I was selling bespoke, classic pieces. Her customer was never going to want what I sold and I was wondering why she had them? It’s illogical why I even worried in the first place.

Still not convinced? Consider what happens when you are walking around your house, constantly looking backwards over one shoulder. I don’t know about you, but I quickly trip up or hit a wall. It’s no different in business. If you are constantly watching what is happening behind you, you’re not focused on where you are going and you will ‘trip’ up.

So how do you stop? Unlike their business page from Facebook, unsubscribe from their Newsletter, unfollow them on Instagram. Cut those ties! If you are concerned, ask a trusted friend or your partner to keep an eye on them for you. Otherwise, cut them out of your life!

Go back and look at your goals, revisit your ideal client, and refocus your energies on how you are going to make it all happen. Set some timeframes, set out steps you need to take/achieve to get there. Move yourself forward. Don’t waste any more energy looking over your shoulder to someone playing a different game, with different rules to your own. Tweet this

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