How understanding
psychology can help your
small business thrive.

I'm Kara Lambert, and I'm an insightful, honest small business consultant helping service-based businesses gain a clear understanding of the people who grow their business using psychology.

I offer online courses and one on one coaching to small business owners.

I can also come and speak to your group or facilitate a workshop on what drives business success.

Overcoming Fear

Do you or your business feel stuck or stalled because you or your staff are drowning in fear & Imposter Syndrome? Check out my free online course

Need to understand & use what drives people to increase your business success & grow your business online or face-to-face?

Want to educate your audience on the psychology of what drives business success & the psychology of social media?

A bit more about me

From years of management, consulting & study I've discovered one underlying business truth:
We are trying to get someone to do something we need so that we can succeed.
To get results... you need action
To get action... you need to understand what drives the PERSON taking the action.
Regardless of if that's online or on the shop floor, our behaviour is based in our psychology - what drives us to do what we do.
I'm here to help business owners use psychology to build better client relationships, grow their business, and have it as their business edge. It's my training in business and psychology which makes me different. 
I use my signature model to discover, define, & uncover what drives you, your business, staff, & clients, and embed them in your business, processes, policies, & marketing; so that you can drive more of the action you need to succeed.


Straight to the point with no bullshit. She tells it how it is and I like that as it's not wasting my time. Kara has helped me with:

  • Approaching new clients in different ways
  • PPC Seo etc

Nice, friendly but firm

Damien Nayna

Kara is my de-mystifier of Social Media


Kara is the nectar I've been searching for the psychology that explains why I do what I do! The de-mystifier of Social Media!

Lori Mowers MLM

Amazed with Kara's ability to generate leads from her posts


Started work with Kara a week ago and I'm amazed how her knowledge can help with the Facebook posts!

My posts on Facebook have increased incredibly the likes and quote request after I started work with Kara.

I tried few other copywriters in the past and can't compare the quality of the work with Kara.

Today, one of my posts had 95 comments, 30 likes and about 50 quote requests! Thank you Kara for your hard work with me! I can't thank you enough! I LOVE your work!

Priscilla Sousa Owner

Tim discovered how to connect with his clients so they respond.


I've been working with Kara for a few years now on my professional facebook page and she is fantastic! Not only has she helped me to understand the frequency and variation of when and what to post but also to understand what will engage readers and viewers. In an industry heavily reliant on promotion and social media, I can't thank Kara enough for the work she's done in helping me to grow my business and reach to potential clients.

Tim Mursell Real Estate Agent


Hi, Kara.

I have made it! Through your wonderful help I have broken through some of the most difficult and dark days ever.

I just wanted to let you know this. I’ve never felt so confident and strong, and have arrived at the place where we should all be; self assured, know who you are, believe in your boundaries, and stop the worry.

I still work very hard, but it is a feeling of wanting to, and not a feeling of pushing and stress. I still have my worries like everyone else but it’s different.

Do you realise how much you do? If you could jump into my head and see it you would say to yourself “gee I’m really making a massive impact!” You need to know this because what you do is life changing.

Hope you are well Kara, I’m off to be incredible too!!!!

Christina Sherwood Principal

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