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make your business

You, staff, & clients

Discover how I help ​plateaued businesses grow by breaking business owners out of fear.

​Understand & use what drives the people who make your business a success to grow your business.

​Educate your audience on ​the psychology of what drives business & online.

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A bit more about me

From years of management, ​consulting & study I've discovered one underlying business truth:

We are trying to get someone to do something we need so that we can succeed.

To get results... you need action
To get action... you need to understand what drives the PERSON taking the action.
Regardless of if that's online or on the shop floor, our behaviour is based in ​our psychology - what drives us to do what we do.
I'm here to help business owners use psychology to build better client relationships, grow their business, and have it as their business edge.

I use my signature model to discover, define, & uncover what drives you, your business, staff, & clients, and embed them in your business, processes, policies, & marketing; so that you can drive more of the action you need to succeed.

Jo Speirs
Lori Mowers MLM
Christina Sherwood Principal - Christina Sherwood Academy of Dance

She got me organised! We set the goals, worked out when I needed to do weekly/daily to get me there. They were specific, not wishy washy.

Kara was very knowledgeable and held my hand through a "troll" incident. She was the first person I went to to seek advice. Kara has also been extremely generous in her time and information when it comes to social media, trends, how things work, best times to post. I love that is comes from a psychological point of view.

I started with no idea! Kara has filled my world with ambition, dreams and goals.

So very generous with her knowledge and time.

Kara is my de-mystifier of Social Media

Kara is the nectar I've been searching for the psychology that explains why I do what I do! The de-mystifier of Social Media!

Christina now understands herself & is growing

I have booked in with Kara so I can reassess my business as well as a new business venture. I have found Kara to be a person equipped to be able to identify what changes need to take place, what actions need to be taken, and importantly. the need to understanding yourself in a business situation. This understanding can steer you away from the pitfalls you can find yourself in by default and change habits that can be a crucial part of being in business and being out of business.

Kara is very intelligent, accessible, easy to talk to, and shows a confident personality that lets you realise that anything is possible. It is professional and informative and just loving every minute. Thank you Kara you are amazing.

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