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With so much information out there around growing a business and social media it’s hard to choose a source that your audience hasn’t heard before. That said, you want to offer value with key take-aways and not just another ‘how-to’ session that tackles the technology but guidance and specific examples on how to easily create content that authentically connects with your audience and inspires them to take action.

I am unique in the area of business & social media coaching as I take the approach that we are all trying to influence client behaviour and so I focus on the psychology within business and social media.

I am available for interview, speaking, and guest blogging on:

  • How understanding client motivators drives engagement & sales.
  • The psychology behind testimonials & reviews and how to leverage it.
  •  How the brain reacts to social media & how to use it to your business advantage.


All enquiries should be sent by email to:kara (at) karalambert.com​

You can access my Press Kit here.


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