Imposter Syndrome & Fear?

Do you know what it is?

Is it holding you back?

If you've ever wondered what this is and if it relates to you try this quick quiz to help you understand yourself!

What is Imposter Syndrome?

  • Have you ever felt not good enough?
  • Do you have a sick feeling that one day someone will find out that you are a fake?
  • Do you fear being in the spotlight and hesitate to give advice on something you know really well?

The good news is practically everyone feels like that at some point and the other really good news is it has a name and you can do something about it so that you and your business can really move forward.

Understand what Imposter Syndrome is.

What it looks and feels like and how it affects even the most accomplished person.

Identify how it holds you and your business back.

And how it stops you achieving your dreams .

Learn the skills to manage it 

So that you can build the business of your dreams, and achieve the things you always wanted to.

Why should you deal with it?

Because I know it's holding you back. It held me back for a long time until I identified the type, source and actually did something about it.

I know only too well that feeling of not being quite good enough and even if you are you think at any moment someone is going to find out you're not and your whole world will fall apart.

Going from the debating club nerd to the "smart-arse Uni student" to the queue jumping graduate; I picked up a story for myself that I wasn't good enough. That showed up as not quoting for jobs (or underquoting), a fear of public speaking, second-guessing and people-pleasing, and an overarching fear of success (thanks tall poppy syndrome).

If you're willing to do the work then you and your business will reap the rewards. 

  • You'll stop procrastinating
  • You'll stop holding yourself back
  • Best of all you'll stop feeling like you are not good enough.

So don't wait until the time is will never be the right time ever. Get started either by doing my quiz, downloading my toolkit or booking some time with me so I can help you move into the light.


To help Understand and Overcome Imposter Syndrome

The Five Faces of Fear Quiz
  • Do you feel something is holding you back?
  • Do you ever worry at night that you're not good enough?

Check out my quiz and see what kind of fear is really getting in your way. You'll even get some hints from me as to how to deal with it.

Go on what have you got to lose, it's free?

Reducing Fear and Imposter Syndrome Toolkit

If you'd like to know more and want some great insight and fabulous tips why not buy my Reducing Fear and Imposter Syndrome Toolkit.

It's self paced and designed so you can do it yourself.

For just $4.99 you'll come away with a deeper understanding of your values and how and why they are triggered to make you feel like you do.

Need to talk to someone to work it all out?

I offer a free 30 minute consultation so you can explore your issues with Fear and Imposter Syndrome.

You'll leave with an understanding of how this could be affecting you and your business and a couple of tips to move you forward.

Book some Free time with Kara

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About Kara Lambert

I teach small business owners how understanding themselves and psychology can help them thrive.

I apply this to:

  • staffing 
  • business owner psychology, and
  • marketing small business.

Starting with psychology means that I focus on what drives a person to do what a business needs them to do and that’s where any action starts

Here’s what people are saying about Kara Lambert


Kara was refreshingly real discussing an unspoken topic

It was brilliant hearing Kara speak about imposter syndrome at the SA Woman Conference - such a refreshing presentation! It's great to see a presenter discuss the "behind-the-scenes" reality, that we likely all face at various stages of our professional career, but is often un-spoken.


Kara is calm, patient & helpful

You were calm , patient and helped me understand where I stood and which direction I wanted to go in.

Kara helped me understand my mindset block which gave me a big A-ha moment!

I had been trying stuff that did not work!

Kara’s calm composed and happy disposition helps the client feel comfortable and open up. She gives the client the space to think and grow!

Ruchi Parekh

Stephanie got going!

I wanna say a big thank you to Kara Lambert I want the whole world to know she is a fantastic human being. And she absolutely holds you accountable.
When I was in San Diego Kara challenged me to come back to Sydney and teach my learnings from the big marketing conference to my community.

She has been on me since I got back.

Yesterday she checked in. And I was able to show her the landing page and Edms that are about to go out.

So thank you Kara! You’re an amazing coach and I’m proud to also call you a friend.

Stephanie Campanella - Director

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