Kara Lambert
Business Coach, Social Media Consultant, & Speaker

Kara Lambert connects business owners to their clients through psychology, allowing them to build stronger relationships (faster) on and offline. Her business coaching, social media coaching and courses draw on her qualifications in Psychology & Management, along with a career beginning in 2000 of helping businesses move online and her experience in her own businesses.

Kara's focus on small business growth helps entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. Her clients have dramatic growth in business within the first 3 to 6 months. She helps business owners develop better relationships with their clients, increase their visibility through their social media & website, and demystifies the two.

​Kara understands the frustration of knowing social media marketing should work for business, but often doesn't. She sees many businesses confused by conflicting advice and left disheartened by failed attempts to use social media, especially Facebook. This is where she brings in her secret weapon - understanding the psychology & consumer behaviour, including consumer buying behaviour, online.

Kara is distinct in the world of social media coaching & business coaching as not only is she tertiary qualified in business & psychology, but she has been able to get inside the heads of your ideal client to help you target and grow your client base (and business) online.


Basically, I help businesses grow. I dig down into your ideal business and I understand the clients coming to youthrough social media or your website. I banish the bull, be it the story you tell yourself about your business or your ability to use technology. I help you develop the long-lasting brand advocates that grow your business.

I have a track record of turning businesses around in 3 - 6 months. 

Yep! It all started with an underperforming, demotivated team I was given to lead. Within 3 months the 2-year backlog of work was gone, they were motivated, & were asking me for more work.

I've had businesses come to me at the brink of shutting up shop, only to have them be able to employ more staff within 6 months.

I've had a business owner, frustrated with the lack of direction and not knowing where to go next, within an hour have a clear idea of what their dream business was and be able to have it in place within 6 months. 

I’ve been called the demystifier of social media.


I’m the person you have in your back pocket that you pull out when you want to know something about having your business online.

Honestly – running a business online does not have to be difficult or that different from running one offline.

I get it.

You know that your clients are on social media, hey you might even be friends with them online, but you've tried and tried to grow online but you keep hearing crickets. You read and read all of these reports on what you should be doing, only to be left feeling as if they were speaking a foreign language and you're none the wiser.

We get it.

Technology can be daunting. Time is at a premium. Advertising is costly.

Don’t worry, I’ll help you.

You can expect REAL ADVICE from me. I understand technology but I know that it’s a person you need to buy your product or service. I’m the one who will shake your social media in to shape, but not by throwing money at it. I’m the one who will light a fire in you to grow your business past your goals.

Based in science & tested in real life.

I write a lot about the psychology & consumer behaviour that sits within your business and online

Like this article on why authenticity is important, or this one about the fear of missing out, or this one about how to make your testimonials work.

I connect you to your clients. 

This is the thing that gets me going. People are my thing. I want to see you build stronger, lasting relationships with your clients; ones where their friends & kids and friends’ kids will be using your business for years to come.

I coach business owners and consult on social media by drawing on years of training & experience in the field. 

To be honest, I’m pretty good at it too. Don’t take my word for it though, head on over and see what my clients have to say.

Getting your Facebook Page reach over your liker number gets me excited! Getting your Facebook Business Page engagement into double digits sends me in a spin. Especially when it’s all your work and you haven’t paid for Facebook  advertising! Speaking of advertising on Facebook, I do that too.

If you want to spend less time managing your social media & more time doing what you love, I’ll show you.

I can honestly say that my clients call me a demystifier & inspirer. Not only do I show them what’s possible, I show them how it’s possible, and I make it easy to understand.

I don’t put words into my clients’ mouths. It’s not me. It’s not where I come from in Psychology, my time in business, or my time in the Australian Government in Canberra and Adelaide. I’ve just worked out what underpins running a successful business online.

Grow your business, do what you love, have time for your dreams, connect with people.

Isn’t that why we do what we do?

It’s not about working harder, it’s about working smarter.