Want to move forward?

Business coaching is a proven way of getting more sales and growing your business.

What can business coaching really do for you?

My coaching helps business owners understand what drives their customers, their staff, their business and themselves.

Increase your ability to grow as a leader and business owner.

Discover what drives you, makes you successful & have you do more of that.

Improve your business tools and techniques.

Achieve the dream business you were have always known was possible.

Create passionate fans and loyal customers.

It's cheaper to retain a client than find a new one, maximise your profitability & growth.

Why should you hire a business coach?

You've been considering talking to or even hiring a Business Coach. You can't help but wonder why or if you should. Keep reading you're not alone.

You’re frustrated because, by rights, your business should be great!

Self help hasn’t worked.
Venting or talking it through hasn’t helped.
And all that internal navel gazing has just left you feeling MORE STUCK!

You’re doing all the right things. Your family and friends support you. It's just not working out. Business isn't growing as you expected, or worse, you see others growing. It's frustrating not knowing where, how, what (maybe who) is going wrong in your business.

You're not alone. So many business owners contact me and either have an inkling and some have no clue why their business just isn't where or what they know and dreamed it would/could/should be. 

Often they are too close to the problem to see the solution.  Too often there are actually multiple problems and they either can't see them all or have no clue how to tackle them. 

They need someone objective who can piece it (and them) together so that their business is function as a productive & efficient whole. 

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Here’s what people are saying about Business coaching with Kara Lambert


That she was able to cut through the clutter of my numerous thoughts and ideas and bring clarity to the situation.

I was in overwhelm - with so many thoughts about my messaging, market and how to name and use the numerous social media accounts I had in different names - that I was stuck in analysis paralysis. I was frustrated because I was energised to take action, but had no clear path forward. Within minutes she was able to pull out the important parts of what was there and help me reassemble them in a clear and usable way. The clear path appeared! Instant relief and excitement! Honestly, there were even tears...(on my end!).

While, we may be great at helping others get clarity, it is often hard to take yourself through the process objectively. Kara's experience came through in guiding me through the process, in understanding what was important and in recommending steps forward.

That she was able to bring clarity AND recommend clear steps forward.

Arienne Gorlach

Totally unexpected and life changing

My intention was to bounce around a few ideas.
Never could I have imagined the direction Kara Lambert would take me. We completely stripped back my thought process and put some actionable targets in place. My mind is buzzing with what I need to do and Kara has been amazing helping with business strategy and personal development.

Today I have already actioned some life changing decisions.

I recommend you seriously start to consider reaching out. I'm so glad I did.

Chris Wilson - Director

Christina now understands herself & is growing

I have booked in with Kara so I can reassess my business as well as a new business venture. I have found Kara to be a person equipped to be able to identify what changes need to take place, what actions need to be taken, and importantly. the need to understanding yourself in a business situation. This understanding can steer you away from the pitfalls you can find yourself in by default and change habits that can be a crucial part of being in business and being out of business.

Kara is very intelligent, accessible, easy to talk to, and shows a confident personality that lets you realise that anything is possible. It is professional and informative and just loving every minute. Thank you Kara you are amazing.

Christina Sherwood - Principal - Christina Sherwood Academy of Dance

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About, Kara Lambert

 I focus on the psychology behind business success, especially helping business owners overcome the fears that hold them back. My knowledge of psychology in business is applied across stakeholders (staff, customers, owners) and communication methods. I hold tertiary qualifications in Psychology and Management; have worked with online businesses since 2000, seven of those years on Facebook.
Other than that, I'm not one for hustle culture or shaming people into compliance. I believe our businesses are there to serve our clients and us rather than business owners being a slave.

Speaking with an independent and experienced coach is a proven way to figure out what is holding you and your business back

Learn to be able to achieve this incredible goal… even if you have no idea where or how to start!