What is said  when I'm not in the room doesn't surprise me - especially in the media.

Over the years, I've had to become ok with standing out on my own. As the broader community finds my work, I'm not surprised that I'm quoted or asked to speak on business psychology, including the neuromarketing. 

That said, I'm also passionate about sharing my knowledge on this topic, especially when it comes to small business.


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What they wrote

Click on an image to read the full article. Some are articles I have guest written, some are quotes & some are where they have links to my work. 

Interested in me sharing my thoughts on business psychology with your audience?

I'm available for interviews, panels, articles, and guest posts on:

  • business psychology
  • client psychology
  • neuromarketing
  • self-leadership
  • overcoming fear or imposter syndrome

and other topics related to social media, small business ownership, and how values are important to us all. 

For examples of my speaking, my bio, and more information please head to my speaking page

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