How to engage your audience online so you can grow your business.

Psychology of Social Media: what is it?

With social media a cornerstone of a business' marketing an edge on how to engage more customers online is critical. 

Create engaging content

Anyone can post online but when platforms employ psychologists to keep people there, you'll want to know what they do.

Grow strong relationships

People buy from businesses they know, like, & trust. Understand how to create that for your business.

Motivate your fans to buy

In the end, you want to motivate your fans to take action. What motivates us is based in our psychology.

Why should you deal with it?

In our fast-paced lives, capturing attention and driving action is key to a long-lasting business. Understanding how to do that on social media is vital these days. I know this because I've been helping business do this for over a decade.

Too often we feel that when we post on our social media we're talking to ourselves. Or worse, all we hear is crickets. We spend all this time working on the perfect image, language, hashtags, strategy, only to receive - nothing. It's soul crushing. 

You go all in on the latest trend, search for the perfect music to go with your video, dance and point, edit, try a new platform. You know that social media works. It's worked before, it works for your competitors (or so they say). And you can't help but feel pretty stupid and somewhat humiliated that once again you've given your all to come up empty handed. 

You're not alone.

You know social media is important to your business, you know it will work, and there has to be a way to engage your audience. There is.

When you understand:
- how social media platforms use psychology to keep us here
- what is happening inside your clients' minds
- how to use psychology to motivate your audience to take the action you need.

Now is the time to get that understanding and be the engaging business your audience craves (and you need it to be).


To help Use the Psychology of Social Media to grow your business

Common Social Media Errors Psychology Solves

  • Do you feel like your social media is letting you down?
  • Tired of posting for little to no return?
  • Feel like there has to be a better way than dancing on videos?

Social Media platforms don't want you to know that they have psychologists on staff and their knowledge is used to keep your clients online and develop ways to engage them. 
This free training gives you the answers to the most common errors business owners make on social media that psychology solves.  

Using Live video to motivate your community

The quickest way to build trust is to meet someone live. So how do you do that when you run an online business? Live video. Drawing on experience starting back in 2015, countless live interviews, live recordings, and one 24 hr live event. This free training has something from the nervous beginner to the confident competent.

Understand what engages & motivates people

The simplest way to engage your audience on social media is to understand the psychology behind it. The surest way to motivate an engaged audience online is to understand what drives them to take action - it's their psychology. This straightforward training teaches you both. A perfect entry training at $4.99.

The Psychology of Reviews & Social Proof

Reviews are more important to business than we are lead to believe. They are a key sales tool that are often hidden. This blog and free download covers the types of reviews audiences need to see for you to make a sale & what drives them to leave a review after that sales is made. 

Want to read more?

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Here’s what people are saying about what they've learnt from Kara Lambert about the Psychology of Social Media


I learnt how to understand my audience and post things that interest them.

I learnt how to understand my audience and post things that interest them.

I think i just didn't understand the whole marketing thing. I used to post things that were relevant to my business, but Kara taught me to think outside the box. Customers don't want to be bombarded with business info, they want to relate to you first, then they might be interested in what you are trying to sell.

Yes i have tried other social media services, but i didn't get no where need the reach i am getting with Kara.

Kara is smart, she knows what, when, how to post to get a huge reach, over 5000 is normal for her. I must admit i didn't really believe that was possible on our initial meeting, but after seeing the results for myself i am convinced this chick knows what she is talking about, hehe.

Cathy - Owner

Kara has magical social media hands

We recently engaged Kara's services to help boost our social media profile.

Kara took the time to discuss her ideas to me and make a recommendation that she felt would suit our business. From ideas to implementation, the journey has been very smooth and worthwhile.

Kara has always made herself available to answer my millions of questions and put any fears to rest, which has resulted in a dramatic increase in organic reach and in turn an increase in clients walking through our doors. The ad campaign itself has increased our booking by at least 100% and while the campaign was for a minimal dollar return it has allowed us to get the clients through the door and work our magic.

I highly recommend Kara and firmly believe that her impact on our social media presence has only benefited from her expertise.

Rebecca Mills - Owner

Bec's looking forward to her future & knows Kara is there to guide her

Kara has been a very valuable part of my business, the lessons I have learnt from Kara’s workshops and personal consultations have given me an insight into the background of the world of social media; this integral in running a small business in today’s society. Businesses don’t sell themselves and neither does the promotion of your business. The tools I have acquired during my involvement with Kara will help my business both now and in the future. And with her constant enthusiasm to keeping up to date with the way things are run, I know I’ll be learning more in the future.

Rebecca Bird - Jeweller

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About Kara Lambert

 I focus on the psychology behind business success, especially helping business owners overcome the fears that hold them back. My knowledge of psychology in business is applied across stakeholders (staff, customers, owners) and communication methods. I hold tertiary qualifications in Psychology and Management; have worked with online businesses since 2000, seven of those years on Facebook.
Other than that, I'm not one for hustle culture or shaming people into compliance. I believe our businesses are there to serve our clients and us rather than business owners being a slave.

Understanding what motivates an audience to engage with social media is key to its success

Learn to be able to achieve this incredible goal… even if you have no idea where to start!