Fake facebook profiles

Big new this week is that the axe will fall on fake Facebook Profiles and deactivated Facebook Profiles. As a result, business pages, on 12 March 2015, will see a decrease in the number of Facebook followers. Don’t stress, it’s not all doom and gloom!

Before you star sobbing into your favourite beverage, there are a few things you should consider.

What these likers were never going to be!

Fakers were never going to spend money with you. Obvious right? The thing is as Facebook Business Page owners we get caught up chasing the next big milestone figure, rather than chasing the ones we already have. these fake profiles certainly got you closer to the next big number, but they were never going to help put food on the table.

Build Reach
These fakers were never going to like, share, or comment on ANY of the posts you put your time and effort into. They weren’t going to help you to reach their friends. They weren’t going to help you to expand your actual customer base.

These fake Facebook profiles were never going to write reviews for you. They were never customers, so you had no hope of getting an honest third party perspective on your product. These reviews are becoming increasingly important as new customers seek out information about how your product or service performs, how you meet your customers’ needs, and the service you provide.

Build relationships
2015 is the year of social media relationships, reaching out to your fan base, sharing, and getting interactive. The fake Facebook profiles were NEVER going to help you achieve this hot trend.

What the fake Facebook profiles were doing!

Energy Vampires
I think we all know an oxygen or energy thief, well these fake Facebook profiles are no different. If you are aiming to get out to as many of you fans as possible (and you should be), then you are wasting time and energy on these ‘people’. Businesses are rightly concerned that they aren’t achieving a high enough Reach, compared to the number of likers they have. Thing is, if they are fake likes, then you are worrying over spilled milk and chasing shadows.

Showy peacocks
Here’s the thing, Facebook is not a popularity contest. The business with the most likers doesn’t win a prize. If you don’t engage and meet your customer ‘where they are’ then you will never see a sale from them and you won’t put food on the table. I am yet to meet a business who has set out to forgo profit for likers.

The fake Facebook profiles might look impressive, bolstering your numbers, but what real value do they add to your bottom line? Tweet this

fake facebook profileWhat you need to do NOW!

Forget the fakes and refocus on your ideal client. Who are they and what do they want from you. You are bound to have them in your likers already. Reach out to them.

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Sell the benefits
It doesn’t matter if you are selling the sizzle or if you are selling the what’s in it for me. So long as you are selling the benefits for your customer. Remember, they are time poor and you need to make it easy for them. There is a whole internet sea of information out there and you need to stand as their beacon and guide them your way. The easiest way is to make it about them, for them, and show them that you understand.

Be sociable
I keep banging on about being sociable. Don’t just post on Facebook, interact with your fans. It’s a two-way street. Don’t expect them to like and comment on your posts if you don’t extend them the same courtesy when they do. Customers love to know that they are special, that you ‘hear’ them. Facebook IS social media, so do it!

Drive traffic
Gone are the days where businesses sell on Facebook. It doesn’t matter if you use your own website, Etsy, Ebay, or some other hosted solution. GET YOUR CUSTOMERS OVER THERE. Show them the benefits of what you have on offer and get them over there. Quick smart! Don’t just link to your page, that doesn’t help explain to your customers why they need to be there; you will be penalised by Facebook. The January 2015 changes saw Facebook penalising salesy posts to websites. I have addressed this previously, so take some time to revise what I wrote.

Reach out
Let’s face it, counting likes is so 2013, engagement was 2014, 2015 is the year of the Reach. Reach is how many people, saw your post or page either in their News Feed from liking your page/posts or a friend liking your page/post. That front of mind presence is invaluable these days. It is another chance to touch your customer, and opportunity to reach a new customer, and a way to build those relationships.  You can learn more about how I consistently have a Reach of 60%+ by ordering my Facebook Workbook.

Finding Facebook all too hard? Find keeping on top of the changes daunting? Rather spend your time making money in your business? Would you rather keep your evenings and weekends for your family? Write to Right offer tailored Facebook Management packages for your business. Let us handle your page, Reach, Likes, Interaction, and go off and enjoy life!
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  • Very relevant post at the moment Kara – quite a few people were talking about it at the bloggers meet up I went to today. I don’t yet have a FB page for my blog but I know I really need to join the party and get over there. Great tips!

    • It’s a hot topic, Lauren. Facebook is a fabulous resource if you target anyone up to about 60. Did you know that 13.8 million Australians have an active Facebook account? That’s a big pie to get a slice of!

  • Great article and helpful information, thanks for sharing. I’m actually excited to see the number go down and the fake accounts get axed. It gives me more chance to reach the right people.

    • I agree Sarah. I checked my other page & I lost 120 likes the week prior, not of them clicked unlike – so they were all inactive accounts. Those accounts were not helping me to get where I want to be, so I am glad to be rid of them.

    • Thanks Jenni, it’s so true! So many businesses are caught up in the old school sell,sell, sell. Facebook isn’t new, nor was it designed for the hard sell. It’s social media & businesses will prosper if they are sociable.

    • Thanks Louisa,
      only one of my pages lost likes, so you might be lucky. I was glad to see the others go as I was no longer labouring under a misapprehension of how many people I was reaching.

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