What are Facebook Messenger Codes? These are cute, round QR codes for Facebook profiles and pages. They offer another way for people to share their contact details. When scanned, the code will open up a Message with the scanned profile/page.

Who can have Facebook Messenger Codes?

Facebook Messenger codes are being rolled out across the platform. Eventually, all profiles & pages will have their unique identifying Code.

How do you get Messenger Codes?

On your Facebook Messenger App head over to the head (Android) or cog (iOS) and tap on it. There you will be greeted with your profile picture inside a circular QR code.

Find Facebook Messenger Code on iOS
Find Facebook Messenger Code on Android

But what about my page?
Well you will actually need to be on your desktop to get your Page Messenger code. (Strange but true. Why is nothing ever straightforward Facebook?) Anyway, I digress. You will find your code by clicking on your Messages Tab on your page and it will either be at the top OR the bottom (again with the consistency Facebook) of your Messages. On the upside, you will always see it as a set of concentric circles and it’s on the left-hand side where the names of the people are. Click on the circle (when you find it) and your Page Messenger Code will start to download to your computer.

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How do I use my Facebook Messenger Code?

Ok, so that is entirely up to you but I do have a few suggestions…

  1. Add it to your business card and other promotional material – including your contacts page on your website.
  2. Have your Facebook Page Messenger Code as your personal profile picture. Great for those who work a day job while they are also working in their own business as it’s an inconspicuous way to market.
  3. Having it as your profile picture also helps to market your business when you are posting in those Facebook Business & Networking Groups.
  4. Share it on other platforms, just as people share their SnapCodes on Twitter – share your Facebook Messenger Code around.

How do I use someone else’s Messenger Code?

Remember how I told you how to get your personal Messenger Code? Great! Now head back there and click on your face. (Weird I know) Up the top of the screen you will see the words ‘Scan Code’. Android FTW on this one as it is the default screen. Anyway, you will see a circle appear, so line up the code you want to scan in that circle and bullseye you will launch Messenger with that person or page.

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How to scan a Facebook Messenger Code on iOS
How to scan a Facebook Messenger Code on Android
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