Make Sales on Facebook
using buyer psychology

Frustrated that you're creating amazing content and it's just not being seen?

You've got a decent number of followers, but Facebook just isn't showing them your posts!

You want to gain more customers on Facebook, but it feels like the only way to do that is to spend a tonne of money on ads or waste half your life in a social media rabbit hole.

Everyone says you have to pay to win on Facebook.


The "Facebook Growth Made Easy" System will get your Facebook page gaining customers and increasing your reach in 8 weeks or less. 

But Facebook is dead, right?

I get it… growing your social media following is not what it used to be. Gone are the days when likes and followers came at you thick and fast. As Facebook has grown and more businesses are looking to get eyeballs on their brand, it’s become difficult to get noticed.

I know what you might be thinking. What’s the point of having a Facebook page if none of your posts even get seen by your fans?

I’m here to tell you that you can still get lots of growth, exposure and traffic to your website from Facebook... as long as you have the right strategy.

If you’re committed to growing your Facebook page and you can’t or don’t want to pay for ads, there are ways you can make this happen.

I know you can make your Facebook page a success by learning the secrets to organic unpaid traffic. I will show you how to get your posts in front of the right people and teach you how to craft the type of posts that will increase your following, create leads and improve sales. 

You could continue to pay to boost your posts, remain hidden by the algorithm or you can join the "Facebook Growth Made Easy" System and learn my system to start making sales on Facebook in 8 weeks or less.

Unfortunately, most businesses don't know how to properly use their Facebook page to effectively connect with their audience. People are hard-wired for connection and this is where my system comes in. Unlike other courses or systems, I dig deep into the psychology and human behaviour which is your secret weapon for creating a connected and engaged audience

In this training you will discover...

All you need is just 30 minutes a week.

Learn what motivates your fans to take action & buy... then how to implement this on your Facebook page.

Learn the secrets to creating shareable content that grows your audience organically.

Learn what drives the Facebook algorithm and how to leverage that to have your page seen by more people.

Learn my signature system to create a content plan for your Facebook page so you're never stuck for ideas again.

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Let's take a deeper look inside!

LEARNING 1: Why Facebook Works

Why we're addicted to Facebook and why that matters to your business.

LEARNING 2: How People Use Facebook

Learn how to get your posts in front of your ideal client.

LEARNING 3: Get Inside Your Customer's Head

Learn what they want & why they want it so you can get their attention - fast.

LEARNING 4: Deeper Relationships

Learn how to use Facebook to build your 'Like, Know & Trust' so that clients are more comfortable buying.

LEARNING 5: Maximise your Reviews

Learn what makes Facebook Reviews so effective & how to get more out of them.

LEARNING 6: Manipulating the Algorithm

Learn how to make the Facebook Algorithm work for you so that your posts are actually seen.

LEARNING 7: When to post on Facebook

Learn the best times to post the various types of content on your page & why this matters.

LEARNING 8: Facebook posts that sell

Learn how to craft posts that sell & how to build a content plan you can use again and again

Lifetime access … because Facebook is always changing

You have lifetime access to all the modules, including updates. So if life gets in the way and you fall a bit behind, don’t worry. You will always access to the latest updates for the lifetime of this course.

The training gives you access to:

  • The 8 online lessons that will teach you the psychology & technology behind Facebook.
  • Lessons made up of videos, worksheets, & tasks to practically reinforce what you learn.
  • A Facebook expert in your instructor: ask questions & receive feedback on your page and your audience.

Who should learn this system?

This system is perfect for business owners, marketers and bloggers if you:

  • know your clients are on Facebook
  • know there has to be a better way to run a Facebook page
  • don't want to pay just to be seen on Facebook
  • are sick of trying & failing at Facebook
  • want to learn a system that creates engaging content plans
  • want to make money by using Facebook as a marketing channel.

This course is not for you if you think Facebook is a waste of time and can only be grown through ads. Or if you're only interested in the number of likes you have and aren’t interested in developing a deep understanding of your clients.

Meet your expert

I’m Kara Lambert and I know that social media is called 'social' because it's about people. Humans are social beings. We need to connect.

I am a consultant to the Social Media Marketing Institute and Flinders University on the psychology of social media. 

I connect business owners with their clients through psychology, allowing them to build stronger relationships faster, on and offline.

This system draws on my qualifications in Psychology & Management, but there’s more to why I teach Facebook than my Psychology degree. I have to be honest, I fell into Facebook Pages 7 years ago when I started a handmade business.

From there I grew the page to over 5000 fans in 2 years and then lost 1000 overnight. I've seen the ups and downs of the algorithm and I realised it was understanding the platform & the person that was key.

I've taught countless businesses my system to connect effortlessly with their clients to grow their business online. I get a kick out of seeing their numbers climb, having queries come in, their page’s reach outstrip the number of fans, & making sales!

Success Stories


I started working with Kara a week ago and I'm amazed how her knowledge has helped with my Facebook posts!

My posts on Facebook have increased incredibly. The likes and quote requests are increasing after I started work with Kara.

Today, one of my posts had 95 comments, 30 likes and about 50 quote requests! Thank you Kara for your hard work with me! I can't thank you enough! I LOVE your work!

Priscilla Sousa (Brilho Cleaning)


I learnt how to understand my audience and post things that interest them.

I think i just didn't understand the whole marketing thing. I used to post things that were relevant to my business, but Kara taught me to think outside the box. Customers don't want to be bombarded with business info, they want to relate to you first, then they might be interested in what you are trying to sell.

Kara is smart, she knows what, when, how to post to get a huge reach, over 5000 is normal for her. I must admit i didn't really believe that was possible on our initial meeting, but after seeing the results for myself i am convinced this chick knows what she is talking about.

Cathy R (Bop till you Drop)


After doing Kara's Organic Facebook Course, my Facebook Page Reach is consistently 4 times my liker numbers.

Eleanor Bird (Auldana park)


So many lightbulb moments! Understanding the 'why' is so important and Kara helped me to do that. The psychology behind everything is so important and this is something I will continue to learn about.

Kara showed me how to engage my audience with Facebook posts and how to link personal to work.

My 'work' posts on Facebook just weren't receiving the responses I wanted but once Kara taught me how to understand what my fans needed and were interested in things started to change.

Understanding the Facebook algorithm and how you can make it work for you.

Cassandra Stoodley (Bernie Lewis)

Ok, you’ve got some awesome results. But what if it doesn’t work for me?

That is where the money back guarantee comes in. Try the "Facebook Growth Made Easy" System, implement all your modules, and if you don't see an increase in your Facebook reach over 8 weeks, I'll refund the cost of the training. Just send us a message showing us your stats and we'll refund your money.

 You’ve got nothing to lose, but lots of followers to gain.

Want More? Take advantage of these amazing bonuses.

Let's face it, we all like a little something extra. These bonuses will help cement what you learn in the training and provide some personalised feedback - which always helps!

Access to a private Facebook Group

You are not alone in struggling with your Facebook Page. The Facebook Group is available to ask questions, bounce ideas, and connect with other like-minded business owners. 


Direct Access to Me

Ask your Question in the closed Facebook Group and I'll personally answer you. 


Bonus Content

Bonus strategic content calendar, training, live coaching calls, and up to the minute changes will be added. (and you have access for life) 

Ready to get stuck in?  

Simply choose the option below that best suits you.

Bronze Package $295

  • 8 Lessons
  • Exclusive Bonus content
  • Lifetime access (access updated content)
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • 1 hour 1:1 Facebook Coaching session

Silver Package $445

  • 8 Lessons
  • Exclusive Bonus content
  • Lifetime access (access updated content)
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • 1 hour 1:1 Facebook Coaching session

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