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Which Facebook Business change is killing your Page?

So I previously spoke about how Facebook had changed the access to parts of Facebook Pages not using the Facebook Business Manager (previously Facebook for Business). In this post, I am going in to the update and what it means to Facebook Business Page owners.

What prompted me to write more about Business Manager?

Well, a member of my Facebook Mastermind, asked me if there had been any algorithm changes as she had noticed that she was getting zero views on her posts. After a little searching and questioning I worked out that she was using the Pages App to do most of her posting, rather than the desktop. Then I noticed that the only page I manage outside of the Business Manager also had a downturn. Cue alarm bells!

What is Business Manager?

It is the Facebook platform that ties together the Facebook Power Editor Advertising platform with Facebook Pages. While you do not have to have an advertising account to use Business Manager, I believe it will soon be a requirement.

What does it do?

If you manage multiple pages, then the business manager is a way to pull them in together and tie them in to one advertising account. Alternatively, it gives you one location to access all of your Facebook Ad accounts and pages without having, the Facebook Jail worthy, multiple accounts.
My favourite thing about using the Business Manager is that it gets me out of the regular Facebook platform, away from the distraction of messenger, friend notifications, and my favourite pages.

Why do I use it?

I use it because I manage other business’ pages. They will often ask me to run ads for them. This way I can use their Ad Account rather than my own. More than that, I actually like the idea that I am away from the distraction of the regular Facebook platform.

Why do I think you should use it?

It is clear to me that business pages who use the Business Manager platform will receive more views on their posts, than those who don’t. Those business owners who are not aware of the Business Manager will either give up on Facebook for their marketing, or will become one of the many who rely on Facebook Ads to reach their followers.

Why do I believe this?

Other than the changes I listed above and in my previous post, Facebook have (just this week) launched a redesigned and rebranded Facebook Business Manager. I don’t believe it is a coincidence, rather than a strategic move.

What can you do?

If you already use the old Facebook for Business, now Business Manager, keep at it but I caution against posting using the Facebook Pages app as the reach isn’t as high.
If you don’t, seriously consider starting up with Business Manager.
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  • Tammy says:

    Hi Kara,
    Thanks for the awesome post. Could you clarify something for me?
    Just by registering your business page with Facebook for business and linking your accounts Facebook’s algorithm is preferring those business pages?

    • writetoright says:

      Hi Tammy,
      I have found that by making that one change the Reach & Engagement is returning on my effected page. That said, there are other changes you can make to increase these naturally.
      Hope this helps,

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