Congratulations! You’ve got your social media channel hooting along. You’re gaining followers, you’re getting great feedback, you’re interacting, and you’re closing sales. Now keep it up! You’ve got to keep paddling to stay on the wave. You’ve got to maintain your social influence.

Businesses will hit gold and get a spike of social influence. The thing is, unless you maintain it, you will head back into social obscurity. Perhaps your business received a fantastic shout out, or one of your posts/tweets went viral. Sadly, you can’t rest on your laurels and coast. In fact, this is when you have to paddle hard.

Social media has a lifespan on its content. Some it’s instant, others it is 24 hours, some never expires. Regardless of how long it lasts, it won’t be long before the next best thing is breathing down your neck, wrestling you for the top perch.

Riding the top of the wave comes with perks:
– increased visability
– growth of brand recognition
– increased sales, and
– increased expert status.
Rightly so though! This is where you benefit from your great content. On some platforms, your influence will continue for a week or so.

In this time you need to be putting out some great offers, showing your benefits, and growing further. It’s not a time to coast. You need to be developing relationships, showing behind the scenes, driving people to your offers and opt-ins.

More importantly, you need to be watching, listening, & analysing. Take this time to test your market & ask questions about their needs/wants/plans/likes. Watch their responses. Look at how they react to new offers or content. If you thought something was going to work and you heard crickets, then try a different time, a different day, or a different benefit. You need to use this time of high visibility to test, grow, & learn.

Once you start seeing trends, this is your time to find more content that your followers will enjoy. This is your opportunity to keep that wave going. This is where you can keep riding high, learning, honing, developing, growing. This time is where you make your gold and you keep looking for more. You can’t rest, this is when you need to grow the most.

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