Talking with hubby other day and he told me that he had taken on my philosophy of JFDI. He realised that really no harm could come of anything he was about to do, so why not JFDI. He also said that it was my new way of thinking. The thing is that it’s not ‘mine’ nor is it new to me.

Not sure what JFDI is? Well you could Google it, but just think of the Nike Swoosh and their ‘Just Do It’ slogan – except adding your favourite suitable ‘f’ word in there. I admit, I use ‘fuck’, others I have seen use ‘focus’; the intention and outcomes are the same.

I have one disclaimer, my JFDI does not mean that you make irrational or irresponsible decisions or take like actions Tweet this. In fact, it is exactly the opposite. JFDI means that I will look at my options & risks, make a decision, then JFDI. Now for me, this process can take milliseconds; when for others it can take months.

So why is it that I can take these leaps, make these changes and others don’t? Perhaps it’s the fact that I live by the mottos that ‘I never regret anything I do’ and that ‘A life lived in fear is a life half lived’. Perhaps that spurs my action? Perhaps it’s the resilience I have? I honestly believe that many of us don’t JFDI as we overthink the outcomes. JFDI is about taking intent-filled action and realising that come what may, the result will come what may & honestly ‘what’s the worst that could happen?’

So, when I left my six-figured corporate income to be self-employed, many people thought I was crazy but even more people said ‘I wish I was that brave’. I wasn’t brave, I JFDI knowing that the worst that would happen would be having to get another job. Was I worried that I would have to go job hunting? Not really. I did actually do it. There were weeks where I scoured boards, had email services send me jobs, and I even listed myself for re-employment with the Pubic Service. All the while I was practicing JFDI on a daily basis in my businesses.

So, you had to bite that bullet daily, Kara? Ok, so there were days, where doing anything was too much. Those days, I did nothing. Personally, the thing I need help to JFDI is self-care. I suck at self-care; so much so that last month, I lost my voice, had to pull out of a business booking and rest. That was tough. I had to JFDI admitting that I was sick, that I couldn’t meet my obligations, that I was as important as anyone or anything, and that I really needed to take care of myself.

JFDI comes down to this: want to get stuff done, achieve goals, live the dream, you need to get out of your own way.Tweet this Get out of your head. You need to ask for what you want in life. Set your goals, work out how many customers that means, how many products you need to sell & then ask for the sale. You need to follow up on sales. What’s the worst they could say; ‘No’? Don’t forget that a ‘No’ doesn’t always mean ‘not ever’, it can mean ‘not now’. It might mean, ‘not that product or service’. Keep plugging away, keep sharing your message.

Perhaps you find JFDI difficult; then perhaps you need to stop making excuses and start taking action. I find nowadays, people are adept at excuses, at finding problems, at blaming, at deflecting. Maybe it’s nothing new, and maybe it’s that as a parent I want my children to become adults who find solutions not problems. I think that’s it! People who JFDI are solutions focused, they know the problem and they act to get to the solution. They will push past it. I read recently that a key behaviour of successful entrepreneurs is the fact that they will JFDI. They have the ability to go and try.

Speaking of pushing past! If you have heard of upper limit problems or beliefs, then you really need to become skilled at JFDI. You see, Gay Hendricks states that the best way to bust through these upper limit problems (or even self-limiting beliefs) is to JFDI. I admit that this is bloody hard! When you are feeling stuck or paralysed and unable to make the next step in your business, to move to the next level, to take a new step in your life – you need to JFDI. Remember, I’ve done it – I made the big leap. I jumped from a six-figure salary to self-employment. Now, I can promise that I am yet to replace that salary – let’s face it, it’s early days. But had I not, JFDI and left, I would not have the happy family, the balance, or the freedom to achieve my lifestyle. Now taking yourself out for a coffee, to the shops, to the movies, or the freedom to be present at school events may not be everyone’s cup of tea. (I’m serious!) Some of you need structure, direction, management, and boundaries; if you need that structure and security, then JFDI and get your life going. If however, you know you are destined for bigger things, then JFDI and set to those goals. What’s the worst that could happen? Seriously?

The beauty of JFDI is there is no right or wrong way of doing it.Tweet this There is only ‘doing it’. Better still JFDI doesn’t have to mean all or nothing; remember there’s only ‘doing’. So if you want to run your own business, but you need to pay the bills then you don’t always have to get a loan and ditch your job; you can do it part-time. As your business ramps up, wind back the ‘day job’. The thing is, that without considered action, nothing is likely to happen; so JFDI.


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