Build your dream business

An easy to follow guide to building the business of your dreams

As business owners, entrepreneurs, whatever you want to call it we sometimes have this idea of what our business would look like “if only”. These thoughts often just stay as that while we busily continue along our way doing our thing, making the cash. It’s a shame that the idea of our dream business is too often considered a dream. Often when I am coaching, people ask me how to make their current business better, but not how to achieve their dream business (as if they have to be mutually exclusive). Why?

So, I thought I would share with you the first stages of moving into your dream business. I am doing this because I have worked in jobs I hated & the idea that we would create anything less than our dream business saddens me. Also, I understand that business evolves and that we should be moving it towards our goal not just continuing more of the same. Finally, I love to see the joy in people’s faces when they are exactly where they want to be, working in their passion & making their dream business a reality.

So what can you do to make moves into your dream business?

It seems a little obvious, but you really need a clear idea of what your dream business looks like. Where is it? Home, office, building(s), laptop on an exotic beach? What products or services do you (or your team, because this is your dream business) provide? Who is your dream business ideal client? (Hint: they might not be the same as your current ideal client) The big one is: why is this your dream business and how will you feel when it’s a reality?

Seriously, I know it’s a little airy-fairy, but you really need to imagine yourself when you open the ‘doors’ of your first day in your new business. How does that feel? How are those butterflies in your stomach? Do you feel a little giddy with excitement? Is your heart full of pride? Remember that, feel it, it will motivate you and give you something tangible in the meantime.

After the daydreaming, then what?

Most of us need to show our expertise in our field, so by starting now and marrying what you have now with where you want to be gives us a foundation to get you to your dream business. Sounds a lot like a plan or a strategy, doesn’t it? That’s because it is. This is where businesses fall, planning. They become overwhelmed by the enormity of the dream. What you really need is to take small, tangible steps towards your dream & then celebrate each and every achievement.

Why marry the now & the dream?

Some would ask why you wouldn’t just run headlong to your dream. It’s simple, burn out and motivation. You see, as I said earlier many of us need to position ourselves as experts to help achieve greatness. Additionally, constantly plugging at a dream is often accompanied by a hard slog with very little to reinforce the effort. If you use what you do now and reinvent it in line with the aims of your dream business you: build expertise in the field, you have tangible results, you keep cashflow flowing, and most of all you move closer to your goal and reinforce that it’s achievable.

Now, here’s a free workbook for you to complete, keep, & refer to as you build your dream business.

Download Your Dream Business Workbook

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