This week we discuss the definition of Community and if it has changed with online and live streaming.

During the Blab, I asked the same questions on Twitter. You can participate by searching the tag #PsychologyofSM and answering the questions.
If you prefer to be prepared, here are the questions:
Q1 Does your idea of community differ online to in real life?

Q2 Do you include your stakeholders in your community?

Q3 Is Community still limited by location?

Q4 What role do mobile devices have in community?

Q5 Has live streaming influenced community?

Q6 Do you consider the overlap of communities?

Q7 How do you encourage community?

Q8 How do you handle change in your community?

Q9 Do you or would you outsource Community Management?

There was a large discussion around spheres of influence & how we share parts of ourselves across these. Additionally, we discussed that there are subcommunities in which we participate. The major issue people came across was handling change in communities. To combat that most business owners used education and ensuring that the goals & values of the community were continued through the change. Incredibly it is having these goals & values clearly defined that is key to business owners when they engage a Community Manager for their space.


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