Before you say, “but Kara, I’m not on Twitter”, it’s ok – you don’t have to be. These are things that I’ve seen used well on Twitter and have tried as Facebook hacks to boost engagement & reach. One of the key things you can learn from Twitter is how to quickly capture attention and get a reaction from your followers. That’s no different for Facebook & that scroll habit we have.  So let’s get on with it!


Trending topics on Twitter can be location or global based. Likewise, Facebook trending posts can be location based. What is different Is that it is relatively commonplace for Twitter users to hashtag these trending topics in their posts, even if they’re irrelevant.

What Facebook Page users can do is to use the trending topics to see what is popular and then see how they can integrate this into a relevant post.

Hashtags can help

Used to high-jack trending topics on Twitter, Pages can also use hashtags as Facebook hack. Not only do they help categorise their content, but they are also useful in high-jacking trending topics. Word of warning: the best way to use them is in context in the content, not at the end & no more than three relevant hashtags per post.


Facebook polls have been around for years, but when the next shiny toy came out they were dropped faster than a hot potato. For that reason, it’s worthwhile trying polls again on your Facebook page. They’re now a paid feature on pages, but I believe that well crafted they provide a great way to increase Page engagement & ranking due to the responses and time spent on your page. While polls are a great way to research your client needs, make it more about them & make it entertaining.

Tweet Chats

These regular, scheduled conversations consist of a number of questions asked to followers who respond and include the relevant hashtag for the chat. While I’m not convinced that asking 10 questions over 30 minutes would be well received on Facebook, I’m happy to be proven wrong. What I do know works is that a regular scheduled content post does work (I’ve been doing one now for four years and I have people who follow my page just for that post). Also I know that posting topical questions to prompt conversation is a great way to increase engagement and to research client needs.

Voice & Video messages

You can record & send video (press & hold the camera icon) or voice (press the microphone icon) messages to your customers from the Facebook Pages App (iOS only). Android users can record their video message outside of the app & then send it via the Gallery integration. What a fantastic way to personalise your communication & build relationships! I have to say that this is my favourite Twitter to Facebook hack.

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