Oh my word, talk about missed opportunity!

This week I went to my scheduled (6 months ago) dental hygienist appointment and was shocked with what greeted me on the reception desk. You see, I have been a patient at this lucrative dental practice for 10 years and had the same health fund for half of that time.

The practice had become a preferred provider of my health fund! Now this is a big deal, because I have had some pretty lousy luck with dental work over time and this practice came highly recommended and has the most amazing staff. Thing is, that doesn’t come cheaply. I honestly never did mind paying top dollar to see a top dentist and hygienist. My peace of mind is worth as much as I pay to them. But I had to find out that they were now preferred providers (meaning my check-ups are now gap-free) by actually going in to my appointment.

This business has my mailing address, my health insurance details, and I follow them on Facebook. Why didn’t they see it necessary to tell me of the change? (They told me of their renovations) Let’s face it, most of us don’t go into or past our dentist on a weekly basis, and having this knowledge sooner would have swayed my decision on where my husband went for his dental work before Christmas.

So what is the point I am trying to make to you?

Firstly, gather customer details into a database by all means, but use it AND use it to their benefit. (Tweet this) Don’t underestimate the power of a letter or card in the mail or a personalised email in their inbox. Keeping up the lines of communication fosters trust, builds relationships, and (done correctly) moves you closer to a sale.

Secondly, never EVER assume that your client know what is going on in your business. (Tweet this) Let them know! Let them know of changes, holidays, even if you are running late. Talk to them, again, it builds trust and relationships.

Finally, share your talents with the world. (Tweet this) What might be small to you, can be significant in the lives of others.


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