So you want more clients, more sales, help more people, reach more businesses …
That’s the behaviour you are after. It’s what you need to get people to do for you. You need to convince them how. You need to know the psychology of selling.

Very early on in my psychology degree, we learnt that beliefs underpin behaviours. Want someone to come on board (rather than just comply) then you need to speak to their underlying belief structure. But hang on, can’t I just have people comply and give me money? Nope. The handing over of money is one of the most emotionally and logic driven acts we can do. Tweet this And there are no prizes for guessing just what underpins our emotions and logic – beliefs.

So what underpins my customer’s beliefs?
There are a few things which underpin beliefs. Those who have studied Maslow will know Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. This is where people’s beliefs and actions step through an ever evolving hierarchy from the most basic physical needs (food, shelter) to the top of self-fulfilment.
There are other drivers. These beliefs are determined by outside influences such as: education, religion, family, and personal experiences.


Well, if you understand the ‘why’ that drives your customers, then you are one step closer to the win. Don’t we all like to feel understood? Don’t you like to know that a business ‘gets you’? Isn’t it easier to buy something when it feels ‘just right’ or ‘meant to be’?

That’s great, but how do I determine their beliefs?
Ok, this is when you are going to have to focus on just one person. Let’s face it, try as we might we just can’t be all things to all people. Focus on the person you love to service or sell to, the one that makes your work easy, the one who gets you and your business. (See, the one who gets your belief structure) Focus on them and head on over, read this blog for more insights and you can also download this handy guide which will step you through the whole client definition process.

Step Two: Benefits

Please, do not confuse this with what the thing does – that’s its features. Remember, that your customer is driven by their beliefs (and needs are beliefs as they think they need it) and features are a thing not a ‘why’. So what are you doing by speaking to your customer with the benefits of your product or service?

You are matching your ‘why’ to their ‘why’.

Go back and read that last sentence again.

You need to align your why and their why, because when they match up, then you have your customer on board. When you have your customer on board, then you are 90% of the way there.

So how do I determine my ‘why’?

Just quickly, it’s a two part thing. You need to list the features of the item you are trying to sell, then you need to ask yourself, ‘So what!’ I know it sounds harsh, but it gets to the core. When you ask the question you are digging into the why that feature is important, what change it will make, what need it will fix.

Want to learn more? Read this blog post, which digs deeper into the how to. Want to step through the program? Register now for the workbook.

So show me the money, or the behaviour

Ok, so I have defined my customer beliefs, I know what my benefits are, what next? Keep at it. In the current environment it takes around 10 interactions with a client before they commit to purchase. Now I don’t mean that it is them seeing your name 10 times in their Facebook Newsfeed, or spamming them with 10 newsletters. You need to speak to them at their core. You need to align your beliefs and theirs. When you do that, you have touched them where it counts.

So keep at it. I know it can be disheartening, tiring, and frustrating. I promise, you get it right and you will get those customers. What I will say is don’t rest on your laurels, tweak it, play with it, review and revise it. Seriously, remember how I said about Maslow? Your customer will mature and you need to keep stepping up with them. Don’t forget that this needs to be done with any new product or service you developed, or new client base you are targeting.

If you are still uncertain, I am happy to work with you one on one to determine how to align your business and your clients. If you are ready to take that step closer to your clients, you can book your place now. Alternatively, if you are uncertain just how it will benefit, contact me for a free half hour session to discuss your needs and how we can empower your business.

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