Ever wished there was a simple template to create a simple and effective elevator pitch? There is.

The Rule of Three – I love it. I learnt it in art. I apply it to visual layouts. Did you know that you can use the rule of three in business? (Especially in your elevator pitch)

The rule of three for business is something I learnt in a “Think on your feet “ course many years ago. The course was designed to help managers and business owners to succinctly sell their team, project, or business in any forum. It was primarily marketed as a formula for elevator pitches.

This blog won’t go through the course, but I will teach you my keys to getting to your three words. See, that’s what this is all about, getting you to a point where you can succinctly sell your business from just three words.

How will you use the three words?

The three word elevator pitch templatePrimarily, you can use these three words as the base template for your elevator pitch. Use them to start a conversation, elaborate on them. They are there as a quick take-away for the listener. From the three words, you start a conversation into the who, what, why of your business. It opens up a way to pitch. It gives you the mental prompts to lead the discussion.

They can be used as tag-lines or by-lines, in social media descriptions, or at the start of the ‘About’ section of your website. In these places, they also lure your reader in to ask more questions, look deeper, investigate further.



Why do you need an elevator pitch?

Ever gone to a party, networking event, or been asked “So what do you do?” Having a three word elevator pitch is a quick way to answer the question (an elevator pitch template makes it easier). It’s easy to remember, and you will soon find out if the person was asking to be polite, or if they were genuinely interested.

It gives the listener the feeling that you are confident about your business, because you can quickly answer. Depending on the listener, they might also appreciate the brevity of your answer. Don’t forget that you can elaborate, but it should be driven by the other person’s questioning not your need to explain. (If you need to explain, then you need to revise your words)

How do I develop a three-word elevator pitch?

At the very start, you need to work from your business goals and the definition of your ideal client. Your business goals, explain the ‘why’ behind what you do and the definition of your ideal client is your ‘who’.

Your three words should contain three of the following five elements:
Who – who is your client base
What – What are the key elements of your product or service (eg. Dentistry, accounting, furniture, accessories, jewellery, photography, coaching etc.)
Where – If you only service a particular geographical location, where is it; or if your service is aimed at one aspect of themselves or their business
Why – Do you have a point of difference; and
How – How will they feel when you help them or they by the product

So, to explain, my current elevator pitch is “the psychology of small business”, my previous one was “Empowering businesses online”, and in the past I have used “Stylishly simple hair accessories” (I know four words technically, but I only make hair accessories).

So, what’s your tagline or elevator pitch? Leave it in a comment below and link it to your website or social media profile.

Struggling to work it out? Have you defined your business goals & ideal client?  Need one-on-one help, then contact me to discuss how I can help.

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