Ever felt stuck? Ever felt stuck in making a decision? Ever felt stuck taking the next step? Ever heard of the term analysis paralysis? It’s being stuck & unable to make a decision. It’s a dead zone. It’s dark and lonely. It’s full of fear. It’s a place I know all too well.

While I have grown, both as a person & as a business, over the past year – I still get stuck. I get offered great opportunities and I have to push myself through. When greeted with new adventures, I seem to teeter at the cliff-face (even though I have a parachute). I feel as though my feet are set I cement and I can’t break free to step forward.

You see, I am afraid of success & analysis paralysis keeps me from making a decision (or deferring them to others) & keeps me safe. Failure is familiar, expected and success seems unnatural. So I defer decisions, I sit on options & I stay safe.

I want to be safe & I want to be successful. Can I have both? Do I deserve both? What will happen if I get them? What will I lose? All of these thoughts run around. All toying with my dreams. All keeping me stuck. What to do?

When my husband teeters I say to him “JFDI”, when my children teeter I say “What’s the worst that can happen?”, when clients teeter I say “But what do you want to achieve & what do you have to do to get there?” So why can’t I take my own advice? Why do I let the fear of success hold me from my dreams? Why do I keep me from being the best I can be? While I don’t play small, I feel that I am holding myself to the familiar.

As I write this I know that 2016 has some massive opportunities. I know that my parachute is packed, checked & secured to my back. I’m scared, but I think it’s time I took a leap of faith in me. You see, 2015 was the year of growth. I need to remember that as it comes to a close. Growth isn’t always easy, kids have growing pains, and I think these are mine. These are the last big tethers holding me back. I need them cut. I need to cut them.

Am I worried if you will catch me, a little; but what if I don’t need you to stand at the bottom waiting for me to fall? Wouldn’t I rather you watch me soar? Wouldn’t I rather have you fly with me? Who says I will fall? And who are they to say that? Is it their path? Is it your path? No, it’s mine, it’s scary & I don’t want to walk it alone. So if you’re game, will you join me?


  • You know I am game:) I packed an extra parachute and am willing ti jump with you:) You’ve got this Kara! Just say the word and we will be working side by side 🙂 I BELIEVE in you!

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