how not to feel guilty making big ticket sales

Do you feel a bit guilty when you make a big sale? Follow these tips to be free of the guilt.

Congratulations, you’ve just made a big ticket sale. So why do you feel guilty? And more importantly how do you not feel guilty when you make the next big ticket sale?

We all need to make money and make a living to support ourselves, our families, and our futures. But what if making the big money is making you feel guilty? Many times, people try to justify the feelings of guilt by telling themselves that the money is going to be donated or that it’s going to be used for something really important, but often times it’s more difficult to believe that than we anticipate. In this blog, I will talk about the ways that you can feel at peace with the big ticket sales that you make and how you can feel less guilty about them in the future.

3 psychological tricks to help you feel less guilty after making a big ticket sale

I am not one to tell you to fake it until you make it. It generally doesn’t work because your brain knows you’re faking it and eventually you fall back into old patterns and can even feel worse because you reinforce the fakeness you may believe you have.

There are however, three things you can look at to help you not to feel so guilty when making the big sales.

  1. Value ourselves
  2. Value our time
  3. The story we tell ourselves about earning money

Valuing ourselves

So many of us see self-assurance and having confidence in our knowledge and ability as a goal and not something we need to have. That means we’re ok with living in a state of not trusting ourselves, self-doubt, and possibly not having our own backs when things get hard. No wonder when things go pear-shaped we can hit rock bottom really hard and we wonder if it’s all worthwhile.

Why do we put believing in ourselves last? Why does it have such a low priority? Why is it not necessary “self-care”? Are we all martyrs? It is one of the cornerstones we rely on to achieve the other goals, because if we don’t believe in ourselves and our abilities – how can we expect anyone else to believe in us?

The key to valuing ourselves is to trust ourselves and to be firmly in tune with our core value. When we behave in accordance with our core value, we are true to ourselves and our mission. It’s a powerful and unwavering place to come from.

Valuing our time

To truly value our time, we need to value ourselves. At its core, not valuing our time ends up putting the brakes on ourselves and our businesses. This could end up giving us time, through breakdown or illness. It can conversely show up as us being too busy and potentially end up overwhelmed and burnt out. It can be a vicious cycle.

It’s important not to confuse valuing your time with time management skills. Improving your time management is but a bandaid on what is broken, which is why you don’t believe your time is as important as someone else’s. Each of us has our own unique story we play about why our time isn’t valuable. It’s not until this story is addressed and rewritten that small business owners truly value their time.

The story we tell ourselves about earning money

Ok, so some of you will feel a little sick if you hear another coach banging on about money mindset. I get it. In this instance if you grew up or believe that “earning money is hard”, “you need to work hard for your money”, “wealthy people are snobs, arrogant, or just got there on someone else’s back”; all and any of these can play into your guilt when you make big ticket sales.

Again, the only way to be truly free of this is to address the story and to start believing a new story, a true story, your story. If you are curious to know more about how I help small business owners rewrite the story that holds them back, you can book a free chat with me and we can get started.

So these are the three key psychology tricks, and one core solution to them all. So, while you tackle that story feeding your guilt, what practical tools can you use now to get you through until you’re done with the guilt for good?

6 things you can do right now to stop feeling guilty about making a big ticketGuilt making big ticket sales Pamela Baron Waldbauer sale

While the psychological tricks address the deeper root of the guilt around making a big ticket sale, addressing them isn’t generally a quick fix. More often than not, we need something to help with the feeling in the moment. Here are 6 things you can do to stop you from feeling guilty when it creeps in after the big ticket sale is made.

  1. Share your win with a friend, loved one, or someone who is in the arena with you. Not got anyone, come into the Facebook Group and share it with us.
    2. Treat yourself to something you enjoy. Even if it’s a 5 minute cuppa in your favourite mug. Change your feelings to something good. Change is a circuit-breaker to thought patterns.
    3. If you’ve delivered the product/service and have just sent the invoice, ask for a review or testimonial. It seems counter-intuitive but this is when you’re most likely to receive a favourable review and it will reinforce to your client that they made the right decision. (win/win)
    4. Read some of your reviews, testimonials, or feedback to remind you of why your clients love and support your work.
    5. Spend some time reading over your mission and vision to remind yourself how the big ticket sale helps you achieve them.
    6. Think of three ways that income will help you, your family, your staff, your community. (Yes, paying wages counts as one)

5 things you can do next time you feel guilty after making a big ticket sale

I understand that it can take more than one encounter with a trigger to be able to be free of the feelings it raises. So what can you do to ease or even prevent any feelings of guilt when you’re about to make, or just make, you next big ticket sale?

  1. Remember that you’ve been here before and you have skills to overcome the feeling.
  2. Review the psychological tricks I shared at the start of the article.
  3. Remind yourself that this is another customer who values you and what you do (and if they feel this way about you, you can too)
  4. Look back over how far you’ve come, how much you’ve improved, and the change you’ve made to your clients.
  5. Work on unpacking the stories you tell yourself so you no longer feel guilty when you make big ticket sales.


I’m excited to share this post with you because I want you to feel empowered and confident to sell big ticket items on your website. I know that it can take some time to build up the confidence to sell higher priced items. It is my mission to help you get over your sales fears and stop feeling guilty about making big ticket sales. If you are interested in working with me to overcome your sales fears, please book a free 30 minute call here to see if we are a good fit to work together. I’d love to hear more about your goals, your challenges, and how I can help.

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