The them and us of social media - W2RWe are now almost a month into the new Facebook algorithm and one thing is patently clear – my reach died on my larger page.

I run two pages, one for each of my businesses (Write to Right & Schooled Up), and the larger of the two saw a dramatic drop in its reach. Normally I sit between 60-80% reach (total or post) for my page (all organic); with the change in algorithm it dropped to a third of that. I was in shock! I looked at Write to Right, a newer and smaller page, and its stats hadn’t changed, still 80-90% total reach. I was a little surprised, but being a much smaller page it wasn’t too surprising that it hadn’t moved.

So I pulled my socks up and went back to grass roots for Schooled Up. I looked at the articles about the new algorithm and I looked at what I was already doing. I was already sharing links the way that Facebook wanted them shared – no bait linking and with the image brought in from the website. I didn’t generate my own videos, so there was no benefit of having native video uploads. My photos were bright and colourful. I had engaging content. What was up?!

It hit me! Zuckerberg had gone back to grass roots Facebook, back to the user experience, closer to a true ‘social’ media platform. I had to be more sociable, I had to think link my end user, I had to use Facebook (as a business) like I use it as an individual. Tweet this

So what does that look like?

It means I think more about what my customer wants to see. What they are going through, what is bothering them, what will make their day easier, and I share that. I share more of myself. I used to be a little standoffish, not wanting to share too much of me on my page. I now inject more of my personality into my posts. Now, there is a word of caution here, my customers on the Schooled Up page are a happy chatty lot, they are there to see what I am making, have a laugh, and learn a hint or two. So, I can use emoticons and kisses in my posts, they don’t mind. But honestly, we can all lighten up a little bit! Even brain surgeons joke around; so why not try to find, better still make your own, a humorous quote or picture which will appeal to your ideal client.

Speaking of lighten up. Don’t rant on Facebook. I mean don’t ever! As a user I am on Facebook to catch up with what my friends and family are up to and to see what great new things your business is doing. I do not want to hear how: Facebook isn’t playing nicely, how another business stole your idea, and at a push do I want to know that you can’t make a deadline because of illness. People will disagree with me, they will say that it boosts their stats – sure, temporarily. If you continue to whinge at your customers they will turn off. Consider this, your Facebook posts and page are your shop front, how would you feel as a customer if you walked into a store to some sour person whingeing about how bad business is. It’s not welcoming. Last year, Facebook published its research on how positive emotions in posts effected behaviour. I analysed it and wrote about how businesses can benefit from the research. I strongly suggest that you head over and revise that content. Why? Because with the change in algorithm to a more user oriented, socially driven Facebook, you will benefit from knowing what makes people click and comment on Facebook.

Now what do I mean about being sociable, well I wrote about it back in June 2014, but here are a few ideas. Consider what is troubling your ideal client (not sure who your ideal client is, here is where you can do some background work), then head to Pinterest, Google, ask them what their favourite pages are, or if you happen to be in your definition of you ideal client then look at your Newsfeed. Set up an interest list of the Facebook pages they find interesting and follow them, look at what they are sharing, share from them (you will be helping their stats too). Not too sure about that? Have a look at what is trending on Facebook. The other day, the big news item here in Australia was the change to the Cadbury crème egg recipe, so I found a DIY for the eggs and shared it, with a reference to the recipe change. It was huge! With most of my fans being parents, I shared a kinetic sand recipe just after Christmas – another popular one with my customers.

So what did I have to do to improve my Facebook insights? (they are now back up) I went back to what my customer wants. They don’t want to see a constant stream of my products, they don’t want to hear my whinge about how my stats dropped. They want helpful ideas on raising their kids, mealtimes, and cleaning the house. They want to know how my products will help make things easier for them. They want to be entertained. They have enough drudgery in their lives, and I help make it that bit easier.

So, do you know what your ideal customer wants? How are you improving their day? Want to know the other gems I use to get my reach so high? Then sign up for the weekly newsletter, where I will share the hints and you will be invited to attend my Facebook secrets workshop, where I will tell you the steps to take to get seen on Facebook.

  • Loved this article. Found it insightful. I too have noticed a drop of visibility on my pages, and have been struggling to figure out how to fix it. I started using more graphics with my posts and have found that works.

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