I’m done!

In 2016 my word was ‘growth’. The plan going into it was to grow in income, grow in clients, grow my business. And I did. I exceeded my financial targets, I gained new clients, & I started running Facebook Ads for clients (not bad for someone who professed to be ‘only organic’).

What I didn’t expect was the personal growth. Without going into too much details it has been fucking hard, I have dug deeper into corners of my personality than expected. I have found courage and strength I had thought I lost. And I have been forced to let go.

So as I see out the end of 2016, I realise that there is one thing I have let go of by piece-meal this year and it’s time I cut it free for good.

I am done with competing.

That’s it! I’ve said it! I’m done!

I am done with competing with competitors.

competing with others Kara Lambert Business CoachI know I’ve written on this before but it keeps creeping back, weaker, but it comes back. I’m done with this! There are enough clients, enough money, and enough space out there for us to co-exist. You have your points of difference and I have mine. It’s crazy because I have fantastic relationships with the vast majority of people who work in the same field. And so I’m done with those who insist on competing with me. Good for you, that’s not where I am spending my energy. I refuse to spend 2017 looking over my shoulder waiting for your next move. I’m done! That doesn’t mean you win. That means that I choose to redirect my energy into where I am headed rather than where you’ve been.


I am done with competing over money.

OMG! I will no longer compete for money. If you want to work with me because you value what I do, then you will pay and on time. I will no longer compete for that dollar I have earnt. I know it’s there and I know I’ve earnt it and so I will unapologetically ask for it.

I will no longer compete on price. It’s ok if someone can do it cheaper, more of it, what ever! Good for them. I know the value that I bring to a business and I charge reasonably for that. (in fact, I know I am far too generous with my time, but I’m OK with that).

I am done with competing for time.

You want my time, great! I will make it available. In fact, I will make lots of it available to you. But I value my time as much as I value yours and so, I will unashamedly be selfish with how I spend it. Don’t get me wrong! I am generous with my time. If I can see that you are getting great things out of our time and you will take action, then you have all of my time. If however I can’t – then please understand why I do not.

I am done with competing for your opinion of me.

competing for others Albert Einstein Kara Lambert Business CoachI know that this can sound harsh but it’s part of valuing myself and what I do. So if you love me, thank you & I love you too. If you don’t, that’s cool, perhaps I will grow on you (which will be awesome). Otherwise, keep watching, learning, implementing, & succeeding because that’s really all I wanted you to do in the first place.

So 2016, I’m done! I’m chucking competing in my fuck-it bucket and moving on. I’m not doing it any more. If it should raise it’s head again, it’s ok as I have this post to look back on & all of you to hold me accountable.

Oh & if you want to use my fuck-it bucket to get rid of stuff, by all means do! It’s bottomless! x

  • Excellent post. I felt like standing up and cheering at the last paragraph about “competing for your opinion of me”! I empathised with every single point you made. I’m looking forward to our association in 2017 very much.

    • Thanks Michelle, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I knew it would strike a chord. I too look forward to working with you and seeing your business grow through 2017 & beyond!

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