Do you find that when you are proofreading your work that you can’t see the forest for the trees? Do you have dyslexia or another learning disorder which makes writing difficult? Having another person proofread or edit your business publications can not only save you money, but it can make you money.

Write to Right offers a variety of services for business owners to improve their publications and online presence. There are currently two website packages available along with our hourly rates. The packages are so special, they have their own page!

Why do I charge an hourly rate? In the industry, proofreaders and copy editors will either charge by the word or the hour. With most businesses using some form of spell-checking software it hardly seems right to be charging to check every ‘if, and, the” or “but”. I know I proofread technical documents at the rate of 2 000 words per hour, so it makes sense to charge by the hour. Knowing this, it means that if your document or website is NOT technical I will be able to proofread faster, saving you money.

Here are my hourly rates.

Wirte to Right fees at March 2014

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