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Annual Business Planning


Forget forcing your annual business planning while on your January holidays.
Take your first step in achieving your business goals now.

UPDATED January 2024
– New Cognitive Behavioural approach to planning.

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You’re tired of feeling like you’re bumbling along in your business.
You want some structure and a game plan of how you’re going to get there.
You want a tried and tested planning system that won’t take hours but will take you where you want to be.

Annual business planning is not something that can only happen in January (and let’s face it, who feels like doing their yearly business planning a week after Christmas anyway). It’s also a little crazy to think that we do business planning in January but our business finance reporting (our taxes) are done at a different time altogether. It makes sense to plan your financial success at the time you are running your financial reporting – at the very least.

This business planning tool will have you:
– stretching, flexing, and building your financial muscle
– understanding what you need to do to achieve it
– gathering together the people you need to help make it happen

All in one straight forward document you can come back to time and again. That’s right, this is a one-time purchase. Oh and you are invited to my quarterly Q&A sessions to help you set this up. No need to wait until January to get your support for your annual business planning.


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