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How to use storytelling for sales growth
Storytelling is the current ‘thing’ for business. Not that there is actually anything new about it. Just think of door[...]
What Simon Sinek didn’t say about ‘why’
People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. What does Simon Sinek mean when he says[...]
What’s your Facebook Group Think?
Facebook group think. (I actually like the play on words.) It’s a ‘thing’ going around the marketing community that Facebook[...]
How your mindset around your point of difference is hurting your business
Your point of difference has to be more that quality, price or service. It has been a few years now[...]

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I love Kara's work and how she continually inspires me to achieve my goals. Kara consistently produce great content that moves me closer to my success every time. And I love that she uses psychology to help better understand my clients.

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