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Tested image software tools for small business
A picture’s worth a thousand words. That’s definitely true for social media & especially so when you’re talking Facebook Ads![...]
5 Twitter Facebook Hacks
Before you say, “but Kara, I’m not on Twitter", it’s ok – you don’t have to be. These are things[...]
How to build your dream business now!
As business owners, entrepreneurs, whatever you want to call it we sometimes have this idea of what our business would[...]
Why being social on social media is hard.
Last week one of the big social media guys posted that people needed to concentrate on being ‘social’ on social[...]

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I love Kara's work and how she continually inspires me to achieve my goals. Kara consistently produce great content that moves me closer to my success every time. And I love that she uses psychology to help better understand my clients.

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