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This package outlines how to use  psychology to understand how to engage staff, customers, and/or your community and how to motivate them to take action.

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The overarching drivers of human behaviour

Do you often wonder why you do what you do?
Do you wonder how you can get more out of staff?
Do you wonder how to get your audience to click more/buy more?
There are 5 key human drivers of behaviour. They stack like dominoes.
In this video, you will learn these drivers and their importance in driving the behaviour you need in your business and everyday life. 


How the drivers stack

In the last lesson, I mentioned that the drivers of behaviour stack. What did I actually mean by that?

I meant that you will need to address the lower lever drivers (fear & needs) before you can adequately address the higher level drivers (beliefs, values, goals).

We all know about objections in business. These are often raised when business start too high up the driver list and have not adequately covered off a person's fears or needs. 

So what order do they run in?


These drivers stack just like Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Take a look at the cover image at the top of this page for a diagram. 

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