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Organic Facebook Course

18 Lessons Intermediate

About this course

This course teaches you all about the psychology behind Facebook, how to leverage human behaviour to create engaging content that sells, how  to get your posts seen by more people, how to construct a post that will convert, and finally a content creation strategy you can use over AND over again. 

Complete the Chapters in the order listed. This Course builds. Skipping to the last chapter will only waste your time as you will need to go back and learn what I refer to in previous chapters. 

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Course Structure


What is Organic Facebook? 1 Lesson

What is Organic Facebook

What do we cover?

What is organic reach

Why does organic reach matter

How do you grow your organic reach

This chapter has homework and I ask that you upload yours into the Facebook Group Post "What is Organic Reach" for feedback. 


Understand your Facebook Audience - according to Facebook 3 Lessons

Understanding your Audience

What do we cover?

What kind of posts people want

When your clients are on Facebook

What kind of posts people want

BONUS: Find your Facebook Insights

Find out the demographics and other insights of your page.


What drives your Facebook Audience? 3 Lessons

What really drives people to do what they do?

What do we cover?

Why people do what they do

Why that matters

How I have gotten that to work in business

BONUS: Deep dive into the Drivers of Behaviour

Access this bonus training on what drives our behaviour - online and offline. 

BONUS: How understanding drivers changed a business

Learn how understanding what drove people helped me turn an underperforming business unit around in 3 months with zero additional resources.


Understanding your Benefits and how to use this on Facebook 1 Lesson

Work out what the benefits are and how to align your business with your ideal client

What do we cover?

Ideal customer
What benefits are
Getting you aligned


Reviews, Testimonials & Social Proof - Why it's necessary on Facebook 2 Lessons

Understand the what, why, and how to get and use great social proof on Facebook.

What do we cover?

What types of testimonials exist,

what makes people give testimonials,

what makes a good testimonial,

how to use testimonials on Facebook



Highjacking Reach for your Facebook Page 2 Lessons

Highjack the Facebook Algorithm so your Posts Reach more people

Learn how you can still highjack appearing in the Facebook Newsfeed by understanding how it works and what motivates people to interact.

BONUS: Sharing saved posts

Use these instructions to share saved posts


The Psychology behind when YOU should post for maximum Organic Facebook Reach 2 Lessons

Why timing is crucial

The key outcome of this lesson is to teach the human behaviour around what we use Facebook for at various times of the day.

BONUS: Making the most of the time

I promise you can make time. 


Crafting the Perfect Facebook Post 2 Lessons

Crafting THE perfect Facebook Post

This module is to tie everything together and have you writing posts that sell. It’s to teach you what to put in the post and where. Use this knowledge with your understanding of when your fans are online to schedule your selling posts along with those testimonial posts and the posts which hijack the Facebook Reach.



BONUS 1: Boosting a post back into the feed without Ads

Learn how to keep your posts being seen in the Newsfeed

Bonus 2: 12 Month Business Activity Plan

So you've got all the pieces, now it's time to plan out your social media. 

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