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So why would you want to hire me?

* If you want to get a business off the ground
* If you want to understand what your customers are thinking so you can increase sales
* If you want to improve your social media
* If you want to improve your website search ranking
* If you want someone to manage your social media
* If you need documents proofread or copy edited

OK, let’s cut to the chase – what makes me so good at what I do?

I not only have a Degree in Psychology and a Graduate Diploma of Management (meaning I'm qualified to do this), but I have worked in both the private & public sector and that means a lot of business experience on top of my time running my own businesses (yes, I have two).

Website Audits

I first used a computer aged 10 as part of a school extension program and I received my first personal computer aged 15. I started to work in e-commerce aged 24 and have accumulated over a decade of experience in developing and maintaining websites in the public and private sector.

I first started offering website audits at the start of 2014 to address the increase in website errors found. While not critical flaws, spelling and grammatical errors have been shown to turn away up to 59% of customers. I have seen spelling errors on publishing sites; coaches advertising that they will make "2013 your best year ever" in 2014; and businesses telling clients where their websites fail, only to have a number of spelling & grammatical errors in the text. These examples shake customer confidence with a lack of attention to detail on the part of the website developer or business owner.

I want to help businesses avoid these errors. I want your website to instil confidence in your clients (remember it's selling your business 24/7). I want you to use my experience in website development, maintenance and proofreading to your advantage.

Proofreading & Copy Editing

I spent two years working as a proofreader and copy editor in the public service, mainly checking medico-legal documents. I have been involved in assessing research grant applications in the public service & proofreading for PhD candidates.

What is proof reading?

Proof reading is the final stage before publication and is often seen as a quality control exercise. Proofreading involves a check for completeness, spelling & grammar checks, conformity with any specifications or standards, and the checking of any links.

What is copy editing?

Copy editing is a more thorough check and also includes a check for consistency of language and for visual consistency (layout). The copy editing of a website includes the forms, downloadable files, menus, and metadata.

Business Coaching

I don't believe in one size fits all. Businesses differ in so many ways and it's because of this than my first thing is to listen to you and your aims. I do believe in honesty, science, and experience. This is why all of my coaching is based solidly not just in years of experience running businesses & managing various projects & functions, but also in the science of psychology & business. Why? I believe that people & their behaviour underpin the vast majority of what happens in a business. I also know from experience (and research) that when people align magic happens. So that's what I value, that's my thing, my difference - people.

Social Media Management

So social media is such a broad field, but over the years I have learnt that there really is an underlying set of skills you need that go across the platforms. It's through understanding this that I achieve incredible reach & engagement on Facebook for my clients. How big? Well how's an organic reach of 60-120% and double digit engagement, all without ads?!  Want someone to manage your Facebook Ads? I can help with that too!
So while I do coach businesses how to have these results, my social media management clients prefer to have that time to themselves & let me manage their online presence. This can be anything from consulting on strategy through to creating and posting on their behalf.

If you would like to discuss any of the services I can offer you as an established business or if you are just starting out, please contact me.

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