December 7, 2016

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This time of year more than ever I see one question pop up in the business groups. ‘What’s your favourite business book & why?’ So I thought I would answer the question for you too, give you some gift giving ideas. Or perhaps books to add to your Christmas/Holiday business book lists.

I have to admit, I don’t read nearly as much as I’d like. I do hope that over the holidays I will be able to get on and read some of the business books I have left sit this year. Most of these books are ones that I started to read but couldn’t immediately find a connection with, so if you’ve read them I would really love it if you left me a comment as to why you liked/didn’t like the book so I can focus my time a little more. A little note, all of these links are affiliate links. While I do make a little money off of them, it might one day be enough to buy the book on my wish list.

My business book to read pile

Start With Why

I bought this book after a binge on TED talks. Yes, this is another one that aligns with my thinking but sometimes I need that to reinforce that I’m heading the right way and to give me some backing against the naysayers (hey, I’m not perfect).  I haven’t finished reading this & I have put this at the top of the list because I have the least remaining but believe the most to gain.

I probably haven’t finished reading this because it is a little heavy on the neuroscience, ironic I know but after 3 years of uni I really need to be in the mood to read that stuff. I think the other thing is that I found it lacking in places, read more on that over here. That said, it’s already and all-time favourite and I do recommend it.


This book was never on my reading list but was gifted to me by a friend and client from the US. So I thought it best that I start reading it. Now, if you’ve been around here for a while you will know that I have a love/hate thing for Gary Vaynerchuk. I’m not a fan of ballsy brash New Yorker men, it grates. Blame too many years of fighting the glass ceiling. However, there are times where Gary gets it spot on. I have to be honest that it’s becoming more frequent, perhaps he’s mellowed or maybe I have.

I’ve read a few nuggets from the book. Nothing ground breaking, but perhaps that’s further in. What I do like in this anthology of knowledge bombs is that each item is short and you could even just flip to a page and learn a lesson a day. Perhaps that’s what I need to do!

Lean In

I bought this on Kindle and that’s probably the big mistake I made. I’m a book girl.

I’ve tried to read this. I think Sheryl has a lot to say, but I have to be honest – I found her a little whiney. Once again, perhaps it’s the fact that I gave up on hitting my head on the glass ceiling that stopped me from reading on in this book. I would love to hear your opinion, so please comment below.

Daring Greatly

Oh my how I adore Brene Brown, I’m a thinker and anyone who can give me a good sound reason for something generally has me. This one hasn’t. I can’t help but wonder if it’s just not the bed time reading material I have it set out to be. Too much thinking. Have you read it?

business book list Franz Kafka quote Kara Lambert business coachBusiness books I have read and thoroughly recommend

All time favourite business books


Oh my word! This book by Jay Baer had me nodding all the way through. It was on my must read list for a while until a friend and mentor of mine said he had read it and loved it.

Yes, Jay confirms what I have thought and taught for a while, so some might think that this isn’t the most objective reviews. However, if you use social media to promote your business then this book will help you shift your mindset. It looks into some great examples as to how helping others works for business. In fact, this is also one of the foundations of Gary Vee’s work.

The Big Leap

Wow! Just wow! This personal development book needs to be on your reading list if you feel stuck r need a change of direction. Above that it introduced me to the ideas of zones of genius, where we work and it doesn’t feel like it. I have to say that the book was confronting. I was always a bright kid and as a young adult I discovered that I had been admitted to a gifted program as a child. From there came ridicule from friends and family. When Gay addresses this, it hit a big raw nerve & I admit to having to read it a few times to take it all in.

Worth adding to your business book list

Get Rich Lucky Bitch

This was the first mindset book I bought when I was getting serious in running my own business. (before I started this one) I have to be honest, I wished I had read the Big Leap first, but this book really straightened me out when it came to my money mindset. If nothing else it showed me the importance of tracking ALL of your finances, including discounts and other windfalls.

Blue Ocean Strategy

This one is a technically heavy marketing book, but boy does it bring the goods. This flipped my head on moving into blue ocean, new areas, and paved the way for me to looking into a system called Predictive Innovation.

This is not an intro to marketing book and I wouldn’t recommend it to people with zero or little business experience, students would benefit though.

The Last Lecture

This was recommended to me by a student of Carnegie Mellon University & Google employee. I loved the book’s honesty and insight and how it wasn’t just about career and achievement, it was overcoming, dreaming big, making the most of opportunities. The lecture is actually available on YouTube, word of warning it’s over an hour long.

business book reading list kara lambert social media coach adelaideWhat’s on my business book wish list?


I keep hearing about this book and I generally take that as an indication that I need to read it. So if any of you have, I’d love to know what you thought.

Happy reading and if you have read any of these books I would love it if you left a comment with your thoughts. Likewise if you have a favourite business book that I don’t have on my list

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