People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. What does Simon Sinek mean when he says this? There are a couple of layers to this.

People buy your story

We love a good story. We love a distraction from our everyday. We love to learn.

So when you our outlining your ‘why’ you are taking people on a journey into what makes you and/or your business tick. Why it’s important. Why it matters. Why it exists.

So why are stories important

This bit is actually more important than the actual story itself. They allow us escape from our lives, even if it’s just for a moment. They inspire us. They let us a little peek inside your life. They allow us to feel as though we are getting to know you on a deeper level. Stories allow us to connect.

Ok, so using your business as an escape from our lives  is a bit of voyeurism, but seriously, I know a number of businesses who outlet their personal struggles on their business page. It’s an integral part of who they are and people appreciate it. They might keep coming back to read the next episode of the epic saga, but keeping them on your page builds that relationship and paves the way to purchase.

Like the voyeur in us waiting for the next part of your story, your story can inspire. Your ‘why’ can motivate us into taking action, or changing action. It can motivate us to align with you because it matches our ‘why’. You can serve as an example.

Telling your ‘why’ let’s us learn more about you. It tells us what drives you to work in your business. Now, celebrity business owners and entrepreneurs are great examples here. We love to know more about celebrities and their lives. How they made their fortunes, what their latest purchase is, how they are moving in their business.  Stories can be a little ‘how to’ window we have as outsiders.

Stories allow us to see you as you are. Like we are friends. We share stories with our friends, laughs, tears, frustrations. We connect over stories. So by sharing stories and your ‘why’ we feel like we know you that bit more.

Stories build connections. We can see, in your story, where we are the same (or different), what is important to you (what you believe & value), and if these align a little bit of us in you. These are the fibres that bind us to people. These fibres create tribes. These tribes create a following. That following makes a ground swell.

Where we share or see commonalities we have connection.

Why are connections important

Humans are social beings. We need to connect. We have a strong sense of belonging. We seek security in our tribe.

When we, as customers, connect with a business we build a sense of trust. When you accept us in, we have a sense of belonging. When you do this we like you. When you do this, we know you. All of these things are the ‘touches’ we need to be lead to a sale. These are the things we need feel safe.

So why do ‘ people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it’? Connection. We need connection to feel trust and when we feel trust we feel that our actions in that trusted relationship are sound, secure, and worthy. These are things you need to engender for long standing paying relationships.

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