It has become clearer to me that a lot of harm is done and confusion is caused by the wealth of information on the internet. One of my core beliefs is that I don’t have the right to make anyone’s life harder than it already is. Now that’s not to say that my way is the right and only way, but what I do know is that what I teach has contributed much joy and relief and that is worth sharing.

So I have gathered together my free resources and some of my favourite resources for you. All in one spot. The aim is to make things easier for you to grow your business online. These resources are in addition to my blog.

Most people come to me to learn more about the psychology behind social media, especially Facebook. Here are the articles I refer to most often:

Kramer et al (mentions Mazahari et al & Varhagen & van Dolen)


Ashley & Tuten

Checklist for writing engaging posts

Ethics, the Psychology of Facebook, & Cambridge Analytica

Those blog posts will give you more insights into the psychology behind Facebook. There are a number of other articles I have written on Facebook, you can search for them and my writing for others on the topic is available on my Press page. All of these things I can help you with through my coaching services.


My free resources

Here is the list of my current resources, yes they require you to register an email but I promise that it is a small gesture for a large return. Especially considering I only email once a month!

Building your dream/ideal business:

Define your selling point:

Engaging Content:

FB live:

FB page:

Financial Tracking:

Increase your ranking on Google:

Twitter & livestreaming:

My free Facebook Group

This group is designed to allow business owners to grow, share, and learn. I encourage those who want to learn the skills of Facebook Live to practice in the group. There are weekly themes, daily posts, and monthly Q & A sessions. This is where I love to hang out and help you and your business.

You can join us here:

My favourite Books

Start With Why – Simon Sinek

I bought this book after a binge on TED talks. Yes, this is another one that aligns with my thinking but sometimes I need that to reinforce that I’m heading the right way and to give me some backing against the naysayers (hey, I’m not perfect).  I haven’t finished reading this & I have put this at the top of the list because I have the least remaining but believe the most to gain.

Youtility – Jay Baer

Oh my word! This book by Jay Baer had me nodding all the way through. Jay confirms what I have thought and taught for a while, so some might think that this isn’t the most objective reviews. However, if you use social media to promote your business then this book will help you shift your mindset. It looks into some great examples as to how helping others works for business.

The Big Leap – Gay Henricks

Wow! Just wow! This personal development book needs to be on your reading list if you feel stuck r need a change of direction. Above that it introduced me to the ideas of zones of genius, where we work and it doesn’t feel like it. I have to say that the book was confronting. I was always a bright kid and as a young adult I discovered that I had been admitted to a gifted program as a child. From there came ridicule from friends and family. When Gay addresses this, it hit a big raw nerve & I admit to having to read it a few times to take it all in.

Brave – Margie Warrell

Margie’s book is a great read for those, like me who want to read and don’t have time. The chapters are short but deliver a mighty blow. Her chapter on Asking for what you want absolutely kicked my butt and amped my business. This is a great read for those who hide in their business.

My favourite videos

Business motivation

It’s no surprise that I have a Youtube playlist for business motivation. It includes my all time favourite videos from Brene Brown, Tony Robbins, & Randy Pausch.

If you are short on time, watch videos 2 & 3 on the list from Brene & Simon. These two always get me back on course.

Time Management

The next most commonly asked for video resource I curate is on how I manage my time. I am a big believer in time is an asset and that we control it, it’s called Einstein Time, and Prof Brian Cox has an incredible (and short) series on it.


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