Introduction to the psychology of social media

Watch this video to start your journey on understanding and using the psychology of social media.

Let’s get this out there off the bat, at the other side of your social media activities is a person. You are educating, entertaining, & enticing a person. If you want your efforts to be effective then you are best served by understanding their psychology & the psychology of social media. Why? Because at the end of the day, in the main, it is what drives their actions – be it like, comment, share, heart, prop, buy, or endorse.

With growth in social media platforms & use, websites increasing, & the ready access we have through smart technology, information is quite literally at our finger tips throughout the day. Now this has meant that many businesses will see it as an opportunity to continuously market to their clients, however, many do not realise that in doing so they can contribute to the feeling of information overwhelm and analysis paralysis.

How the psychology of social media helps business

So how can you lift your business above the noise?

Many social media specialist talk about ‘Like, Know, & Trust’, but do you/they know the psychology behind it? Do you know why it’s important and how you benefit? Quite simply, people will look for information, they will buy from a person.

To convert a person, researchers say that it takes between 7-10 ‘touches’ (times they see you or your brand mentioned). However, psychologists (and marketers) know that when you get someone face-to-face or one-on-one your ability to convert increases. Why? It gives you a better way to build rapport and fulfil the ‘like, know, & trust’.

The tenet of ‘Like, Know, & Trust’ comes back to relationships & using them. It’s why selling to ‘low hanging fruit’ (people who already know you) is easier & important. This leveraging sees you bypassing the relationship development stage & making conversations and conversions easier.

Here’s a little more on the topic from one of my Periscopes. What I want to know from you is; what leaves you scratching your head when it comes to your clients. Let me dig into their psychology & help you to fulfill your visions as a business owner.

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