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12 month content plan


Wish your social media or email posts made more sales? Wish there was a way to map your content to your strategy and have it all in one place? What about on one A4 sheet of paper?

This content plan uses business strategy and human psychology to give you to the structure to consistent, engaging content.

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So you keep creating all of this content but you just don’t get any engagement or worse, sales. Crickets!

You think about running ads, posting more, doing more, spending more time and money to acquire clients and get the sales you need.

All you want is to have your content make the sales, answer your clients’ questions, and engage them to move them closer to where you need them to be – preferably while you sleep! Ok, well at least while you’re not actually online.

The problem is that you don’t know how to run ads, can’t afford to hire someone to do it for you, and you’ve heard enough horror stories from business owner friends about outsourcing to last a lifetime.

The thing is that you know your audience the best. You know your brand the best. You know your sales targets the best. What you need is something that brings it all together in a tangible strategy and ideally in one A4 plan, in your hands, that best meets your business and your clients’ needs.

Combining business planning and client psychology, this tool gives small business owners the skills to map out a year of content which meets both client and business needs – all in one space and leads to sales in your sleep (and when you’re awake).

The beauty is that you can change it at any time, keep using the same template year after year and you don’t have to pay for that privilege. Purchase and download once, then rinse and repeat your strategic Business Activity Plan for months and years to come.


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