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Learn how to control your Facebook page

I have been helping businesses move and grow online since 2000. That's a lot of websites and social media profiles! In that time I have worked out that there is a core of human behaviour that business owners need to understand in order to flourish. In this group, I teach you some of these skills, give you opportunities to connect with like-minded business owners, and I teach you how and why you need to use different social media & online tools.

Who is this group for?

Yes, I too have a Facebook Group, but this one is a little different. To get the most out of the group you need to resonate with one thing: PEOPLE!
This group is for you if:

  1. Want to grow valuable & lasting client relationships.
  2. You understand that there is power in social media beyond pure sales pitches.
  3. You are looking for a no nonsense group of business owners who want to know the cold facts so they can get on with their passions.
  4. You need someone to simplify social media.
  5. You need to understand the 'why' beneath things.

Who shouldn't join the group!

Right, so I know I'm not for everyone and the opposite holds true too! This group isn't for you if:

  1. Your favourite past-time is spamming groups, especially with slimy marketing stuff.
  2. You believe that advertising is the be all and end all online.
  3. You think that everyone has to 'go hard or go home'.
  4. You see customers as just $ and a means to your next big purchase.

Still interested?

Great! You're still with me! Here's the nuts and bolts about the Facebook Mastermind:

- just because the group is free, doesn't mean it's full of worthless information
- it's structured, people like routine
- you can ask me anything anytime, I actually want you to
- it's not all techy geeky speak, in fact there's none of it
- while it's a nurturing environment - it's not tree-hugging, so prepare to be pushed

Angela Raspass

Kara came to my aid when I wanted to start using live streaming for interviews. She was able to teach me how to use the platform & where I could maximise features. Kara is truly a DEMYSTIFIER OF SOCIAL MEDIA.

From here all you need do is click on the button below and request to join the FREE Facebook Mastermind. If you're wondering why I made it free? I was told a number of times that I needed to share more, so this is one way I share. I look forward to having you in the Mastermind & watching you and your business grow.

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