What you should know about Twitter before you Livestream - Kara Lambert
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While Google Hangouts and other live streaming media have been around for years, 2015 saw live streaming come in to its own. Meerkat, Periscope, Facebook Live, Blab all brought everyday people, industry leaders, thinkers, and customers together.

While most systems now can be run from a mobile phone, many people are still reluctant to jump on camera - point & shoot. This checklist is for those of you who want to learn how to connect & build relationships with your customers in record time. But you can't help but think ...

You think you will look like an idiot when people watch.

You actually wonder then if anyone will watch.

Queue butterflies!

You know most of these link to Twitter, but that platform is so foreign it's not funny.

You think Twitter is full of B-grade celebrities & journalists and not for you.

It's ok, I was the same.

Or you just don't know where to start

Or you're not 100% convinced it's for you!

Did you know that it takes a customer around 10 interactions with your brand for them to trust you?  However, by doing a live video stream you reduce that to around three. Also, most influencers gain the majority of their clientele through their live streaming. It's an easy way for you to market your business to the world.

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Stephanie got going!

I wanna say a big thank you to Kara Lambert I want the whole world to know she is a fantastic human being. And she absolutely holds you accountable.
When I was in San Diego Kara challenged me to come back to Sydney and teach my learnings from the big marketing conference to my community.

She has been on me since I got back.

Yesterday she checked in. And I was able to show her the landing page and Edms that are about to go out.

So thank you Kara! You’re an amazing coach and I’m proud to also call you a friend.

Stephanie Campanella , Director

Kara inspires me and moves me closer to success

I love Kara's work and how she continually inspires me to achieve my goals. Kara consistently produce great content that moves me closer to my success every time. And I love that she uses psychology to help better understand my clients.

tammy Sooveere , Nutritionist

Accountability. She keeps you on track and kicks ass if you don't. I needed that extra push in the right direction.

Too many challenges and there will always be more. I am confident that Kara can and will help with them all.

I had paid soooooo much money for business coaching years ago resulting in uneducated non business owners dictating their point on wasting more money in theories that didn't work or I couldn't afford to even begin doing what they taught. I paid a heap for SEO to 3-4 different companies promising the world and each time was the same answer "SEO is a long game" yes it is but seeing no results in Australia not overseas was frustrating as. PPC was the same with a lot of money spent with minimal results or if any seemed to be attracting tyre kickers.

Kara is awesome and actually cares about your business and its results but at the same time understands life pressures and hurdles in day to day life which is great!

Damien Nayna , Owner

Irena found real understanding underpinned with psychology

Having an experienced sounding board. The idea of a client's buying cycle stayed with me.

I needed to understand whether Facebook ads were for me. We had a conversation and she shared her own journey and related it to mine. I could then see what would or wouldn't work for my situation.

Endlessly searching and not doing. You can endlessly sit online and 'learn' but in the end you just have to have a go and then iterate.

She's easy to talk to and has a broad skill set - meaning its her knowledge of human psychology that is key. I love that she's real and not 'salesy'.

Irena Bee ,

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