Authenticity is quickly becoming the next big thing online. With a mass of marketing coming at us everyday through our phones, computers, tablets, radios, & televisions – it’s not surprising that businesses are looking to new ways to influence buyer behaviour.

Authenticity is, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is something that is made ‘in a way that faithfully resembles an original’ or denotes ‘an emotionally appropriate, significant, purposive, and responsible mode of human life’.

Why is authenticity important for customers, particularly online?
With the amount of information consumers have to access, they are drawn to authenticity. They want to know that businesses will deliver as they state & to some degree we like to be able to have a connection to those who sit behind the brand.

How can small business use Authenticity?
Small businesses are in the enviable position that authenticity is easy to show, as you are the owner of the brand and generally the one carrying the online presence. It is easier for you to show the personality behind the brand; in doing so you build connection & rapport with the potential customer, moving you closer to the sale.

Why is authenticity important?
Customers will buy from businesses that they ‘like, know, & trust’. Using authenticity will give you the mechanism to build the ‘know & trust’ parts of the relationship. This relationship building will help you to not only sell, but to build a strong selling partnership, brand advocates, or strong business partnerships.

How do you show authenticity in your business?
While I find live streaming the quickest and easiest way to show authenticity, it’s not for everyone (apparently). Some people say that the best way to show authenticity is to show up, of course it goes deeper than that. You can show authenticity by showing behind the scenes of your business, you can show it by being candid, you can show it by sharing things that inspire you & your business, you can show it in the language you use. It’s about imparting your personality into your actions & business. In small business, so much of ourselves go in to what we do, it’s a shame to hold it back from public view. Remember, people buy from brands that they ‘like, know & trust’.

Words of warning!
While rants are authentic, they aren’t suitable for public consumption. Ranting on your social media profiles about competitors, suppliers, or worst of all customers is a ‘no go’. When your customers read your negative emotions, they take some of it on board & in turn they feel negatively. You don’t want your customers to have negative feelings when they experience your business online. Read more …

So, how will you be showing your authenticity & growing sales online? Leave a comment below or join the conversation on Facebook.

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