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Write to Right"Wright to Right has been a very valuable part of my business, the lessons I have learnt from Kara's workshops and personal consultations have given me an insight into the background of the world of social media; this integral in running a small business in today's society. Businesses don't sell themselves and neither does the promotion of your business. The tools I have acquired during my involvement with Kara will help my business both now and in the future. And with her constant enthusiasm to keeping up to date with the way things are run, I know I'll be learning more in the future. " Rebecca, Tweet Designs


Write to Right "Kara has provided me with feedback on many aspects of my business page with regard to professional written communication. She is very knowledgeable, helpful and does not miss a thing! I know I can rely on her to pick up on my typos, spelling errors, punctuation and even grammatical errors. It is worth having Kara take a look at your written communication, whether you are in business and would like to appear professional, or whether you are doing a job  application that needs to be perfect! Highly recommended!" - Jacqui, Celestial Photography


Write to Right"We can highly recommend Kara, owner of Write to Right. We opted to change our business name at the time we established our first retail outlet and this meant a total rewrite of our website. We asked Kara to proof read all key content changes because we know firsthand that first impressions do matter! Kara did the work within days and also provided an easy to understand report. We would not hesitate to use Wright to Right’s services again." Mel, Director of Chandelle Galerie, Hyde Park.


Write to Right "Kara, I looked at your post at around 2am. I couldn't sleep after that! I had to get up and read through 2 or 3 links to other posts. 4 1/2 hours later I have written out my: Ideal Customer (that was the toughest one - to narrow it down!), My Core Values, My Mission Statement, My Vision, A sheet marrying my Mission and Vision Statements with my idea client.
Thank you SO much for putting so much great information into just a few compact posts, with video links etc to help the process. It wasn't all new to me, but it's something that's really easy to overlook and as my blog is new, I want to start as I mean to go on!
I had to start blogging before I could create all of this as I was so out of my comfort zone when I began blogging and had no idea who my ideal client could even be or where I was heading directly.
Now I've found my feet, this was really useful. I had my branding sorted and a business philosophy, to guide me, but getting this information committed to paper (I know I can refine it later) has been fun to do and also consolidating. Look forward to reading more of your blogs." Sarah Jackson, The Fermented Foody


Write to Right" Kara is one of the best proof readers I have come across in a long time. She is fast and accurate. The turn around time on articles and documents is excellent. Anyone wanting to have those articles proof read, I would recommend this service, to any professional, person or researcher." - Lynda.


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