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Learn how to control your Facebook page

For businesses moving online or looking to expand online, the big question is which social media platform to use. In Australia, in 2012-13, 83% of the population aged over 15 used the Internet, 97% of these people had internet access at home. At the start of 2015 there were 14 million active Australian Facebook Accounts.

So you know that Facebook is a place where your customers hang out.

You know that you need to have a slice of the Facebook market.

But you feel utterly lost!

You are putting out content and getting no where.

You have been paying for Facebook Ads and not seeing a return.

You feel as if you would have a better conversation with the wall!

Or do you feel like you don't know what to say?

Or do you want to make sure that you get to the largest proportion of your Facebook followers?

Customers who follow my Facebook model experience:
- an average Reach of 60-80% of fans
- Reach up to 300% of fans
- higher Engagement
- less overwhelm
- more time to focus in the business

Jackie Kerin Etheric Self

Kara's advice has been instrumental in my business gaining momentum. Her Facebook insights regarding reach are spot on. She is full of down-to-earth advice & honest feedback that is constructive & useful.

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