Demystifying Social Media

Do you need help with your business' social media?

I help businesses to understand how their clients use social media & how to make it work for them.

What that means to you

It means that I will take that social media profile that you know should work and make it work for you.


Kara is my de-mystifier of Social Media

Lori Mowers - MLM

Kara is the nectar I've been searching for the psychology that explains why I do what I do! The de-mystifier of Social Media!

I start with understanding your client and how they behave online. I do this through my knowledge of psychology and pair it with my experience in moving businesses online since 2000.

Growing anything requires a solid base, understanding your clients, from there I move through how to market your business to meet what your client wants and needs your foundations and end with the core skills of leveraging social media and how to go viral.

With my qualifications in psychology, I use Maslow's Hierarchy Pyramid as the basis of connecting, structuring, and growing your social media . I investigate and overcome the hurdles business owners struggle with when growing their social media to achieve sales.

There are a number of ways you can work with me to grow your social media. I offer one on one coaching where you benefit from regular accountability and guidance, or you can be placed on a waiting list for the next round of my 'do with me' online coaching, or if you are uncertain we can have a chat about the best way to achieve your goals.

In the meantime I encourage you to download my Facebook workbook to have you on your way to having the social media presence you always knew was possible but never achieved.

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